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Why You Should Conduct “Post-Demo Surveys”

For many SaaS companies, demos are the first chance to put their “best face forward” when it comes to interacting with customers. At CustomerGauge, we’re all about discovering the paint points in the customer journey. For us, the journey doesn’t just happen after the customer signs the contract. In order to improve, we want to dig into our performance on every level.

So often, we miss the opportunity to identify the buyer’s intentions and their impression of a solution. A "post-demo survey" allows us to do just that. Below is an example of a CustomerGauge post-demo survey. Just as with our other surveys, we start by introducing a simple NPS question and then try to identify a few key pieces of information to improve our opportunity to win chances.

[caption id="attachment_18327" align="aligncenter" width="600"]short surveys over longer ones In two simple steps, the prospect indicates where the demo fell short or excelled.[/caption]

In the spirit of transparency, and “practicing what we preach”, we’ve provided insights from our own post-demo survey results to discuss the benefits these types of surveys provide.

What Was Your Account Executives’ Average Response Rates?

Upon completion of a successful demo, account executives select the “Send Sales Demo Survey” link within Salesforce to get feedback on their performance during a demo. This isn't just a useful oversight for the company, but it is also beneficial to the account executive as well. Specifically, it allows the account executive to:

  • Keep an open line of communication with a prospect
  • Gauge the prospect's continued interest
  • Get insight into what they can improve in future demos

For you as a company, understanding which of your account executives are getting more responses for demos provides insight into:

  • What impact your account executives have on the buyer's decision
  • Best practices when it comes to conducting a demo
  • Which account executives excel at interacting with customers

For sales directors and VPs, this information allows them to prioritize which account executives may need more training or guidance when it comes to conducting sales calls or demos with prospects.

What Impact Did Your Account Executives Have?

ebook-account-successA post demo-survey should indicate not only the reaction to the product, but also how well your company is selling that product. During a demo, this comes down to your account executives, who provides not only the voice of your company, but the type of service customers can expect in the future if they decide to move forward with the product.
In our post-demo surveys, we use a similar NPS scale as we do with “detractors, passives, and promoters” on determining whether customers were “blown away or impressed” by the demo. For example, a 9 or 10 would indicate that the demo created a “promoter” of a potential prospect. In fact, our own Mary Mogan has had over 57% of respondents say they were “blown away” (10) by her demo. This type of information is important for account execs to determine their own performance.

To get more best practices your account executives can live by, check out our Account Success Playbook!

Did the Demo Increase the Likelihood of Their Buying Decision?

For many companies, this is the “go-to” question. It's simple and straight-forward: Did this demo make you more likely to buy our product? In our most recent post-demo survey results we found that a whopping 75% of prospects said the demo “increased their likelihood” of buying.

likelihood to buy

What does this tell us?

  • People like the look of our product
  • People felt the information provided was comprehensive and relevant to what they were looking for
  • Our account executives left a positive impression of the product and excelled at building the case for its necessity

It goes without saying, but all demos should help increase the likelihood of a buying decision. There are a lot of factors that come into play when customers decide to go with your product. A bad demo experience shouldn't be one of them.

What Features Do People Care About the Most?

This question offers a lot of insight when it comes to not only selling your product, but also for identifying a market need.

In our latest post-demo survey, a large portion of customers said that “reporting” was one of the most important features for them. This tells us:

  • That a versatile and comprehensive report designer is important for customers
  • We need to ensure our reporting capabilities meet customer expectations
  • Reporting should be a central feature for our demos

Post-demo surveys provide a lot of valuable information about account executives, buyer interest, product perception, and more. They also offer insight into how you can improve your relationship with prospective clients and turn an opportunity into a win.

Interested in retaining not just your prospects but your current clients as well? Check out our latest eBook on retention management 101!


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