Collect Customer Feedback

A customized and personalized experience

Collect customer feedback

The most effective way of inviting your customers to take part in your survey is with personalized emails. Professional-looking templates and an HTML editor will make the email look exactly the way you want.

Also collecting feedback can be done trough customized surveys that match your brand guidelines, giving customers the best possible experience.

Manual or automated sending

CustomerGauge’s robust email engine can be set to fit your company’s needs. Starting out we recommend that lists are assumbled manually, and emails triggered in “waves” or “flights”. When you are ready to scale up, you can shift the engine to automatic - and add custom sending rules to control cadence and quantities.

In both cases, there is only one goal: to get your invitations delivered and maximize your responses. CustomerGauge includes complex mail merges, conditional scripting, rules to avoid over-surveying and duplication, regulate sending and send automatic reminders.

Two questions, a wealth of information

Net Promoter is about actionable insights that drive change and help improve the customer’s experience. All the information you need to do that can be managed with just two questions.

Knowing, for example, the reasons behind a detractor score is the ultimate starting point to not only fix the relationship with that customer but also to fix the experience for all other customers and new customers to come.

Start with a Test Survey

Discover how CustomerGauge customers use an ingenious way of asking the reason-why question to figure out the main drivers for customer loyalty

Extra questions

Although using the two recommended questions will get you the highest response rates, you’re free to add any number of questions that you want. Be it the Customer Effort Score, CSAT, additional open-ended questions, etc. CustomerGauge supports your wishes.

Capture on any device, any time.

Your customers are always out and about. With 60% of surveys opened on mobile devices, never again lose valuable feedback because your survey design isn’t mobile optimized.

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