CustomerGauge and Net Promoter Score® for Commercial Finance

Capitalize on Customer Experience to Grow Your Bottom Line and NPS

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Use Net Promoter Score to strengthen relationships with your business customers and enhance your customer experience. Discover the pain points in the customer journey and maximize retention and upsells with CustomerGauge’s comprehensive Net Promoter solution for commercial finance.

Measure customer satisfaction to gauge loyalty

Your business customers appreciate working with partners that can optimize their customer experience, minimize pain of administration and add value to the commercial relationship. Our delivery system automatically manages your customer contact using customized emails, SMS and and optimized surveys to give you unique insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Build customizable surveys and emails consistent with your brand based on the industry-standard Net Promoter Score
  • Report on multi-channel partners/agents/brokers and get a 360-degree view of agents and individual branch performance
  • Add employee Net Promoter (eNPS) surveys to understand internal sentiment

Act - Quickly - to put out fires

Act in real-time to close the loop using Net Promoter Score with disgruntled customers to ensure they don’t stray from the flock. Keep executives in the loop by providing transparency on the performance of multiple branches and locations.

  • Use case management tracking to easily trace customer feedback
  • Implement one-touch mobile fire-fighting to escalate issues quickly, with timing so you can add SLAs to agents
  • Touch base with your promoters to extend discounts and loyalty programs

Grow your accounts, grow with your customers

Make feedback a competitive advantage by investing in customer experience and Net Promoter for your commercial insurance, business banking, wealth management, invoice factoring, business loans, export/inventory management, or tax and accounting services company. Identify opportunities for growth by tapping into your promoters and capitalizing on positive reviews.

  • Capture and share customer reviews online with our Digital Signage feature
  • Use Net Promoter SWOT to identify opportunities and detractors
  • Monitor satisfaction and revenue trends in each account to drive upsells and cross-sells
  • Our Quarterly Business Review (QBR) tool is perfect for B2B leasing companies that want to ensure cross-customer and cross-company consistency

Analyze the Drivers of Loyalty

Read between the lines! Find the hidden insights in customer feedback to determine what’s driving your customers away with the official NPS Handbook®.


“Now that we have access to the right tools to drive change in the organization, I’m looking forward to deliver-ing an improved customer experience.”

Amanda Dunn - Verafin

“Employees can see it and they can pick up the phone and talk to the customer, and employee engagement is going up because of that. It’s making people’s lives a bit more meaningful because they are seeing directly from these customer comments and scores that ‘hey, we make a difference.”

Jessica Hobson - Wolters Kluwer

“One of the best vendors I have worked with in a 25 year career. Always hits deliverables and rarely makes mistakes. Very technically competent.”

Joe Bartling - Director of Analytics at H&R Block

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