CustomerGauge and Net Promoter Score® for Multi-Channel Retail

Net Promoter Software to Bridge the Customer Experience Divide Across Channels

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Customer interactions don’t end at the checkout line. eCommerce and multi-channel retail companies have extensive customer touch-points and therefore, pain points, meaning engaging with frontline employees and customers in real-time is essential. CustomerGauge’s leading Net Promoter Solution is tailor-made for multi-channel retailers looking to ensure a consistent Customer Experience (CX) across channels including e-commerce, in-store retail and wholesale.

Measure and analyze buyer loyalty

What better way to understand the buyer’s journey than to ask the buyer? Employ omnichannel engagement, online and offline, every step of the way using Net Promoter surveys embedded in till receipts, emails, and more.

  • Send customizable, automated Net Promoter surveys consistent with your brand
  • Embed surveys anywhere, for any device
  • Launch email campaigns for discounts, sweepstakes, and seasonal events
  • Engage with employees to avoid burn-out using employee Net Promoter (eNPS)
  • Create reports to get a 360-degree view your brand locations to ensure consistent customer experiences

Act — quickly — to close the loop

Avoid buyer’s remorse: Don't miss an opportunity to create a loyal customer for life by closing the loop quickly with detractors using Net Promoter. Escalate issues to the appropriate frontline employees using rule-based automation. Keep executives in the loop by providing transparency on the performance of multiple locations.

  • Use case management tracking to easily trace customer feedback
  • Implement one-touch mobile fire-fighting to escalate issues quickly
  • Touch base with your promoters to extend discounts, coupons and loyalty programs
  • Retail is detail—act on even the smallest experience improvements

Grow your customers, grow your brand

Activate your promoters! Capitalize on positive social reviews and identify opportunities for growth by tapping into your promoters and capitalizing on reviews.

  • Capture and share customer reviews online with our Digital Signage feature
  • Use Net Promoter SWOT analysis to identify opportunities and detractors
  • Reward promoters and appeal to detractors with coupons, discounts, and loyalty perks
  • Monitor satisfaction and revenue trends in your customer base

Working with Your Existing Systems

Integrate CustomerGauge’s Net Promoter Score solution with your point of sale and CRM systems, in addition to APIs customized to your unique company.

(and many more..)

How Retailers Measure and Deliver Customer Experience

Join Adam Dorrell, CEO and co-founder of CustomerGauge, and Cary Self, Senior Manager of Guest Services and Training for Areas, as they discuss best practices for measuring and improving customer ("guest") experience with NPS.


“One of the main reasons why we selected Net Promoter at Areas is that it’s a true voice of the guest. It measures satisfaction, and it measure the guest loyalty and investment with us…We are now driven by what the guest is saying.”

Cary Self - Areas

“CustomerGauge’s strength is to find the right balance of powerful analytics and usability.”

Thomas Walder - Head of Marketing Systems & Process Management at Kuoni

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