CustomerGauge and Net Promoter Score® for Urgent Care

Your Prescription to Building a Better Patient Experience

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Health care is changing. Urgent Care professionals call this the “Retailization” of Health Care. Patients are looking for more than just optimal care, they’re looking for an optimal experience. Deliver more targeted, exceptional Patient Experience with CustomerGauge’s Net Promoter® solution for the urgent care industry.

Measure Patient Experience and capture feedback

Follow up with patients on not only their health, but the quality of their visit. Send customized emails, surveys and text messages using our robust automated survey engine.

  • Automated patient follow-up Net Promoter surveys via email and SMS, using the industry-standard Net Promoter methodology
  • Use reporting features like segmentation to see how satisfaction is affected at heavy traffic times, or hierarchy to learn how different health care facilities are faring by region, state, or individual physician level
  • Create reports to get a 360-degree view of multiple health care centers
  • Use employee Net Promoter (eNPS) to gauge the happiness and well-being of your staff to reduce turnover and improve performance

Act quickly to address patient concerns

Use CustomerGauge as a lifeline to close the loop quickly with detractors. Implement rule-based automation to escalate issues to the appropriate health care professionals, and comprehensive case tracking to ensure resolutions are found and resolved quickly.

  • Employ case management to easily track patient feedback
  • Use “one touch fire-fighting” from any device to close the loop
  • Follow-up with your promoters and offer helpful health tips, email reminders, or an exclusive offer for their next visit

Grow your practice

Identify any and all opportunities to grow your practice. Tap into your patient promoters by capturing online feedback. Drive business and referrals by displaying real-time positive feedback from your patients in your waiting room or on your website.

  • Capture and share patient reviews online
  • Display patient feedback at your locations using Digital Signage
  • Tie revenue to detractors and promoters using Net Promoter (NPS) SWOT analysis
  • Monitor satisfaction and revenue trends in your patient base

Working with Your Existing Systems

CustomerGauge’s Net Promoter solution seamlessly integrates with your existing electronic health record systems (EHRs) and marketing automation systems.

(and many more..)

How to Improve Patient Experience and Your Bottom Line.

CustomerGauge hosted a special webinar on Patient Experience best practices in the urgent care/healthcare market. CEO and co-founder of CustomerGauge, Adam Dorrell and Division Vice President of Urgent Team, Nancy Becker discuss strategies to improve the patient journey and how to address common pain points.


Compliance is Key

CustomerGauge is fully compliant with all data security and health care requirements:

  • CustomerGauge has 8 years of experience in data confidentiality with large, multi-national companies
  • State-of-the-art SaaS hosting, using secure server setup to safeguard patient data
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant

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