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Four solutions, any industry. Whether you’re looking to monetize your Net Promoter System®, take control of your customer experience or engage with your employees, the CustomerGauge platform can be scaled to fit any problem, big or small.

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Net Promoter®

Net Promoter will never be the same. Introducing Monetized Net Promoter, the world’s first platform that enables you to directly tie every last $ to your NPS.

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Customer Experience Management

Bring order and consistency to your customer experience by optimizing every touchpoint in your customer journey using our fully-scalable CEM feature set.

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Employee Net Promoter Score®

Happy employees = happy customers. Strengthen the backbone of your company by investing in tools that will turn your employees into brand fanatics.

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Think outside the platform. Discover NPS consulting and CX workshop services tailor-made for businesses undergoing serious, customer-centric transformation.

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Monetized Net Promoter—The Ultimate Retention Equalizer

Agile shouldn’t just live in the product department. Monetized Net Promoter is built with agile, customer-focused companies in mind, who know that true value lies in familiar places, beyond resource-sucking customer acquisitions. Learn the value of every last customer, and the steps to save them from churn.

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B2B Optimized Platform

The CustomerGauge platform is optimized for B2B, with features such as NPS® SWOT, Customer Lifecycle reports and more.


Integrate any CRM

Customer data + NPS insights = intelligent decision-making. Connect with Salesforce and NetSuite or any system using our API.

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Single-Sign On

Our Single Sign-On feature allows you to log-in to CustomerGauge with your existing Salesforce credentials.

Disrupt the Industry,
Not the Journey

Customers are everywhere. You should be too. Weave your Net Promoter program into the fabric of your organization: Use touch point analysis to identify pain points in the customer journey, closed loop tracking to measure every dimension of the customer experience and an SEO-optimized review platform for true reputation management.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Build surveys that cover each point within your multi-channel journey using transactional surveys that dig deep into root cause.

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Touch Point Analysis

With our drivers report, identify pain points in the customer journey to improve and areas of satisfaction among your customer base.

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SEO-Optimized Review Platform

Forget Yelp. With your own SEO-optimized review platform you can turn customer comments into the ultimate referral machine.


In the war on talent, Employee Net Promoter stands at the frontline. Armed with the same robust Net Promoter capabilities, the Employee Net Promoter System reduces employee churn, provides insights into the workforce, and reduces overhead through continued engagement.

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Organizational Hierarchy

Couple hierarchical reporting with NPS to maximize your NPS program and its potential and provide insights at a granular level.


Anonymous Surveying

Boost response rates and employee engagement among staff with anonymous Employee Net Promoter surveys.

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Full Platform Capabilities

Get all the same great features of Monetized Net Promoter in your Employee Net Promoter platform, analytics and all.

Champion the Success of Your Program

Transformation doesn’t stop at software. From the boardroom to the front-line—real change starts at the champion level and is scaled for the enterprise. We’ve taken our years of experience in the NPS and CX space and developed workshops and consulting packages based on proven best practices.


Enterprise Workshops

Operational to financial—discover enterprise-grade workshops made for NPS champions and customer-obsessed c-suite executives.


Comprehensive Consulting

44% of companies don’t know their retention rate. Beat the statistics, with consulting services that put the data back in your hands.



Where can we help you grow? Uncover workshops and consulting services custom-built for your business.

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