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7 things Don Draper would do with your NPS® program

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Net Promoter® doesn’t just allow you to improve as a company but it can also make the life of your marketing colleagues easier. (Or if you're a marketer yourself: it can make your life easier.) And since you’re already trying to get the most out of your NPS program, why not go the extra step and squeeze that extra bit of juice out of the Net Promoter lemon.

Here are 7 things every modern day Dan Draper should do with Net Promoter:

1) Are you speaking your customer's language?

The only way to strike a chord with your audience is to use language they can relate to. An open comment box allows you to discover the language they use to describe what they love about you, how you help them, what is not going so well and much more. You can use all of this to familiarize yourself with their lingo and finetune your marketing messages to really resonate with them.

2) Are you making false promises?

Unsatisfied customers are obviously not something to strive for. But the marketing department might be the one responsible. Yes, the product might have malfunctioned or a service agent might have been rude. But marketers are known to sometimes over-promise. So are you sure that that is not the case right now?

If you proclaim to have the best support in the industry, yet half of all detractors state that they are not satisfied with your support line, you might want to go back to the drawing board and revisit your claims. It might not be your fault that the company as a whole is underdelivering. But you’re not helping by promising something the organization can’t deliver on.

3) Identify your next set of testimonials

Just like social proof is at work when hundreds of passerby's join a guy that’s looking up at a building1, we all know that testimonials can convince a potential client that your product can work for them too. And here you have your biggest fans telling you they love you. Just pick a handful, reach out to them, and get a testimonial out of them. You can be pretty sure they will be honored to help you out.

(Tip: you can also use CustomerGauge Reviews and automatically publish your customer feedback to attract new clients with a search engine indexed star rating. Learn more here)

 4) Knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. And so it is with your product. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the world. The voice of the customer can reaffirm the weaknesses you were already aware of or uncover new ones. (Try to use this and turn it into an advantage. Think Avis’ “We’re only #2, we try harder”.)

Alternatively, knowing your strengths is of paramount importance. This will go a long way in finetuning your USP. Couple this with point #1 and you are running for gold.

5) Turn raving fans into raving profit

You are already in a conversation with your biggest fans at this point. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to use their excitement and channel that into more purchases? Give them a call and see if there is anything else you can help them with. Who knows, you might be missing out on some revenue.

6) Rev up the referral engine

In the previous point, you check to see if there are upsell opportunities. What you can also try is to channel their excitement to other potential clients and encourage referrals.

For example: Send promoters an email thanking them for their feedback and support - together with 3 coupons. One coupon for them to use and two coupons they can send to a friend.

7) Attract the ideal customer

It’s marketing’s task to attract the right type of customer. Naturally the ideal customer is one that is easy to deal with, doesn’t complain, doesn’t ask for refunds, etc. Your NPS survey can be a good beginning to see if there are differences between promoters and detractors in terms of why they like you and don’t like you. If you see that many detractors complain about a specific feature, but your promoters love you for it, well, that feature might be something you need to emphasize in your marketing to attract more of the right kind of customers.

Image credit: Quotivee

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