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6 Backstage ‘Aha!’ Moments From Global Leaders at Monetize!

November 29, 2022


The CustomerGauge team hosted Europe's leading voice of customer (VoC) conference in September because we knew our team and speakers combined would have incredible insights to share.

Little did we know that we'd be saying 'aha!' ourselves while having the exclusive opportunity to interview our line-up of industry experts backstage.

From Coca-Cola HBC and SuperOffice to Briggs Equipment, these global leaders have shared key takeaways from their customer experience (CX) journeys that we think are extremely valuable to anyone eager to learn.

Let's take a look at all six:

Briggs Equipment

For Gemma Beddow, Head of Customer Relations at Briggs Equipment, their journey was about not only getting feedback and taking fast action but having a team that could take ownership of their CX.

Today, they have a successful customer experience program with designated specialists and stand-out initiates, such as linking responses to charitable donations.

She shares an aha! moment of her own:

Dun & Bradstreet

Marianne Mølgaard, Service Operations Specialist at Dun & Bradstreet had a unique VoC journey as she built out a new CX program after the acquisition of her previous company. Dun & Bradstreet eventually expanded to 15 CRM systems, 14 languages, and various cultures where they continuously tested NPS survey strategies with a strong focus on data and closing the loop.

Today, they're growing faster than ever and created an "NPS Darlings" program where exceptional CX team members are recognized.

Marianne had her own aha moment to tell:

Intuitive Health

Jay Woody, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Intuitive Health pioneered an incredible health model combining a full-service emergency room and urgent care under one roof. With over 20 years of emergency medicine experience, Jay and his team set out to deliver the same level of service patients have come to expect from the top medical care providers.

Intuitive Health now treats over half a million patients annually with industry-leading NPS scores rooted in a culture of exceeding customer expectations.

He shares a fantastic takeaway:

Coca-Cola HBC

Natasa Prodanovic, Head of Lean and Agile Center of Excellence at Coca-Cola HBC wasn't sure of the results they'd receive launching their CustomerGauge pilot but knew they needed to grow their customer experience to become the leading 24/7 beverage partner.

With an internal NPS system in place, Natasa and her team were able to quickly learn where pain points lie to break down silos within every function. Today, cross-functional collaboration is quicker, simpler, and more frequent than ever.

She had a great tip for those beginning their own journey:


For Justin Warren, Senior Vice President at Wajax, the most important starting point of developing their CX program was engaging the team. He knew happy team members deliver great customer experiences and it was true.

By rolling out internal VoC training, recognizing star employees, and relentlessly closing the loop, Wajax doubled their Promoters and discovered they're worth 2X more than Detractors.

Here's Justin with his aha moment:


After Hans Chr. Grønsleth, Director of Digital Customer Experience — Commercial Insights, and his team at SuperOffice introduced their new Cloud offering and subscription models, they implemented NPS to monitor churn, increase customer value and growth, and identify promoters.

Since 2017, SuperOffice has adopted their own 'Heartbeat' metric, ensuring top- and mid-level organizational buy-in, and completely automated their CX system.

Hans Chr. shares his insights backstage:

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