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How Coca-Cola HBC Captures Real-Time Customer Data With Account Experience

July 10, 2023


This September we brought back Monetize! — Europe’s leading B2B CX conference.

What made this year different was our exceptional line-up of speakers, including Natasa Prodanovic, Head of Lean and Agile Center of Excellence at Coca-Cola HBC (CCH)

Natasa has spent 16 years with CCH wearing many different hats, now working to bring new customer experience (CX) strategies and capabilities to the forefront of the business.

Naturally, we knew she would have an incredible journey to share as CCH is a strategic bottling partner to Coca-Cola that produces, bottles, and sells all Coca-Cola products across 29 markets.

But it doesn’t stop there. Natasa and her team have a vision to become the leading 24/7 beverage partner for their 3 million consumers.

How could they accomplish this? By growing their CX faster, simpler, and more frequent than ever.

Enter: CustomerGauge.

Improving Company Culture to Boost Customer Centricity

It was key for CCH to break down internal silos across the business.

Natasa shared that other support functions weren’t seeing unhappy customers as a top priority because they weren’t fully involved.

So, they implemented Net Promoter Score (NPS) across all departments, introducing total transparency in both customer and internal feedback. Their goal in this is to build a culture of having employees not only feel close to the market but upper management and the frontline, too.

In June, CCH’s shiny new CX program began with 3 pillars focusing on approach, scope, and survey design.

They aimed to treat cross-functional feedback within the company the same as they would with customer feedback, looking to:

  1. Measure X-departmental collaboration to improve the speed of internal service

  2. Identify major opportunities for simple processes to enable process improvement and go-to-market speed

CCH’s internal “Collaborating for IMPACT” survey consisted of three questions: an NPS question, selecting drivers behind NPS, and suggestions for improvement — one that was intentionally open-ended where even Promoters could provide additional feedback.

And, to ensure the entire company was covered, surveys were sent to three segments: Countries to Corporate Center, Countries - function to function, and Corporate Center - function to function.

💡 Natasa shares her secret to getting multiple departments to collaborate:

Results Surpassed Expectations

Coca-Cola’s goal was not to push for high participation rates as they wanted to get a finger on the pulse of the business for their first survey send.

However, Natasa was pleasantly surprised with a 51% participation rate!

Interestingly, employees had the option to choose a list of 9 or 10 functions on average, and most only chose 2. They also learned most were taking extremes, with either extremely happy or extremely unhappy with X-function — teaching the company a lot about where satisfaction existed and where it did not.

In order to cover every country efficiently, there were appointed country managers who assisted in small campaigns to send the surveys out as well as help with translations, preparations, employee lists and more.

“It’s easy to enter into a competition, and we did not want to position this as one. We wanted leaders to embrace this all, to embrace the tool and see it as a cultural tool. There is magic to the insights we get from customers, the engagement surveys, and from this. And looking into those insights together are a really magical trio.”

Natasa Prodanovic
Head of Lean and Agile Center of Excellence at Coca-Cola HBC (CCH)

💡 Here she sheds more light on what CCHBC measures using CustomerGauge:

Speaking the Same Language with NPS

Their NPS across functions wasn’t strong, which came as a surprise as their engagement scores were always above average.

However, their score opened new opportunities for them to improve internally and opened their eyes to great data.

Logistics between finance and sales are now one of their main focuses, with Natasa mentioning,

“One of the most beautiful insights we got was that pain points of our front liners are completely matching those of our customers. So, this was also a way to get priorities for other functions — something that seemed so distant, what customers say to sales, last week there was a CFO meeting and they started with NPS, it become their priority… Now, not only do we talk the same language as NPS but they all have their priorities.”

Natasa Prodanovic
Head of Lean and Agile Center of Excellence at Coca-Cola HBC (CCH)

Coca-Cola HBC's Full Monetize! Presentation

It only took CCHBC a few months from positioning their CX program as a pilot to sending out surveys and seeing results.

At the end of their campaign, they had around 200 reports created by country coordinators and delivered on a functional level.

The best part? Every functional leader now has a “map” of who is bonding well, where the tensions lie, and focus areas to start shaping their new culture and continue breaking down silos and improving the speed and efficiency of cross-culture collaboration.

The next steps for Coca-Cola HBC’s new program are:

  • Local ownership

  • Improvement plans

  • December survey

  • …and more!

Read more about Coca-Cola's approach on their blog, here.

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