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Automatic Post-Sales Marketing for e-Commerce - Webinar

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

Join our webinar: Automatic Post-Sales Marketing for e-Commerce - Webinar  How the Net Promoter Score can be used to increase customer loyalty and help grow online sales.

How automatic surveying can be used to increase customer loyalty and help grow online sales.

Boosting revenue from existing customers costs a fraction of the money spent on SEO and customer acquisition, yet many companies have not yet implemented automatic “Post Sales Marketing” (PSM*) to understand customer sentiment. With this webinar, you can learn how top e-commerce companies like eBay, Zappos, Philips and Sony are using loyalty measurement based on the industry standard Net Promoter® Score methodology to survey every customer transaction. This helps them continually improve service, and retain more customers.

In this 30-minute presentation, Adam Dorrell, CEO of CustomerGauge and former Director of Sony’s online store SonyStyle Europe, will explain how companies can implement PSM. Companies can:

  • Automatically survey every customer
  • Use the industry-standard Net Promoter Score methodology to learn from customers
  • Score what works best, and change your business in almost realtime
  • Segment out VIP customers
  • Save money on acquisition and grow revenue from existing customers
  • Reduce returns and dissatisfaction
  • Real life examples showing how to grw revenue from retention customers by 25%+ a year.
  • Demonstrate a “Marketing Robot” that can identify automatically contact your customer “Promoters” to boost sales

Adam will give resources to help ecommerce companies of any size benefit from this methodology. He will show practical solutions from the no-cost spreadsheet solution, as well as the professional application CustomerGauge which is designed to be integrated into the major e-commerce systems, including DigitalRiver, SAP etc.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009.
Starting time:   17.00 Europe Summer Time (Amsterdam, GMT+02:00), 16.00 London, 11.00 AM New York
Duration about 30 minutes. Free of charge.

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*Post Sales Marketing: Understanding and satisfying needs and wants of existing customers after a purchase

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