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B2B Customer Feedback Deserves Quick Response! (Shep Hyken & Ethan Beute)

Blog by Ian Luck
May 18, 2021

Week two of Experience on the Rocks is officially in the books! This week we brought the heat with 2 of our favorite CX podcasters and they brought their insights straight to the rocks tribe. We welcomed Shep Hyken, the resident Chief Amazing Officer at Shepard Presentations, and Ethan Beaute Chief Evangelist at Bomb Bomb. 

Between the two of them, they have interviewed over 500+ CX practitioners, and let me be the first to say, this is our best episode yet! We kicked off the session with an audience question from last week centered around best practices for closing the loop on customer feedback. Our Co-host Cary kicked off the discussion with some great tips for B2B companies struggling to start closing the loop—“just start somewhere.” Cary then detailed how companies can and should tie their experience data to revenue so they can prioritize closing the loop with the highest value customers first. 

Basically, every customer is valuable, but not every customer holds the same value. Cary then kicked it over to Shep who had a great story from his new book “I’ll Be Back” detailing a ‘William’ closing the loop with a customer. Turns out, that company was Microsoft and ‘William’ was Bill Gates. Shep then led a spirited discussion about how experience culture starts from the very top, often the CEO or founder. If they’re not bought in, it will be difficult to close the loop. The exec team must be bought into the idea and allow employees to take extra time out of their data to troubleshoot customer issues or even better, create a magical moment for promoters. 

Ethan jumped into the mix with a story of his own—back in the early days of Bomb Bomb, Ethan was the sole marketer. He would regularly field upset prospects who wanted to unsubscribe from his emails. So instead of ignoring them, he sent a video of himself letting them know they have been personally taken off their email list by Ethan. The video humanized the interaction and oftentimes these prospects would want to learn more about Ethan’s company. 

We welcomed another engaged audience with many questions being fielded and answered live in the session! Want to listen to the full episode of Experience on the Rocks? 

Check it out here: 

Maybe you’d prefer video? 

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UP NEXT WEEK: Cary and Ian dive into the largest set of B2B Experience Benchmarks on the Planet. Not only will they be covering the data, but they’ll be openly discussing tactical ways to improve their programs based on the thousands of CustomerGauge customers! A can’t miss.

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