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B2B Customer Experience Content Your Entire Team Will Benefit From in 2024

December 22, 2023

For success in 2024 and beyond, we’ve learned businesses must stay ahead of the curve, equipped with insights and strategies that cater to the dynamic needs of their B2B customers.

We understand to do so, every role on a team requires specific content that can help inform (and inspire!) them to make proper decisions in the new year.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide with exclusive customer experience (CX) content that will be the gift that keeps on giving in the coming months.

From our own customers’ success stories involving seriously impressive growth to guides perfect for your frontline heroes, there’s something for everyone.

The new year calls for new, impactful results on the bottom line.

Building a Customer-Centric Culture Starts at the Top

Chief Customer Officer CX Gift

When it comes to building a customer-centric culture, it starts at the top.

That's why your Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is always looking to identify gaps or weaknesses in CX across all touchpoints within the customer journey.

That's why the perfect gift for your CCO is hearing success stories from leading brands that spoke at Monetize! Digital. They'll not only watch back enlightening conversations but also learn from the world's best CX programs on the planet.

A great example of building customer centricity into an organization from the top down is Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan.

Below is a quick clip sharing a few insights into their evolving CX program.

Learning Best Practices to Stay Ahead of the Curve

VoC Program Managers CX Gift

It's all about learning CX best practices to stay ahead of the curve.

Voice of Customer (VoC) Managers understand that continuously educating themselves on customer experience is just as important as feedback itself.

So, what better present for your VoC Program Manager than the 10 best CX training courses? From Account Experience (AX) to Net Promoter Score (NPS), CustomerGauge Academy certifications are the gifts that keep on giving.

Below is an example of the in-depth training you receive from CustomerGauge Academy.

Positioning Frontline Teams as Heroes

Frontline Hero CX Gift

Positioning the Frontline as heroes in your customers' eyes will differentiate you from the competition in the new year.

Your Frontline has the strongest relationships with customers. They are your team's eyes and ears in discovering how satisfied customers are with the business.

That's why the best gift you can give your Frontline Hero this holiday is twofold: one to educate and one to motivate!

Share our guide on how conversations can improve customer retention and pair it with the impressive results Wajax received from their positive Frontline employees.

Here is the former Senior Vice President of the Industrial Parts and Engineered Repair Services Business at Wajax, Justin Warren, shedding light on their story at Monetize! 2022.

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Sabrina Tessitore
Sabrina is Content Marketing Manager and qualified B2B AX-pert at CustomerGauge. She provides the strategies necessary for B2B companies to build ROI-generating NPS programs. In Sabrina's free time, you can find her seeking out new coffee shops or spending time with her Shih-Poo, Ruby.
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