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Be Customer-Centric, It's Worth It

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

As a Customer Success Manager, I can’t help but want to share the amazing customer-centricity displayed by one of my largest clients, H&R Block Canada. Everyone talks about being customer-centric, but this is an organization—I feel—that does a truly outstanding job displaying that through their actions, not just their words.

In addition to sending out customer loyalty surveys to track and analyze their NPS® using CustomerGauge, H&R Block Canada also runs their referral program through us as well. This means after receiving their survey invite, all customers also receive an email with a link to a referral campaign. This is a really great way to achieve the Monetize and Grow portion of the 3 steps to NPS success.

H&R Block Canada

Example H&R Block Canada Coupon Campaign

But, H&R Block Canada takes things a step further with their customer-centricity. They don’t just fire off the email and promptly forget about it and move on; there’s much more to the program that makes it truly impressive and successful. I’ll outline this below:

  1. H&R Block Canada display admirable customer-centricity This is where H&R Block Canada truly walks-the-walk when it comes to being customer-centric. We’re talking about a massive organization here, with hundreds of thousands of emails being sent out. But when even one client reaches out saying they didn’t get their email, the H&R Block Canada support team contacts me right away to look into it, and then immediately gets back to the client once we’ve determined what happened. This is an exemplary illustration of attention to client experience!
  2. Spreading awareness to the customer Customer-facing Tax Experts notify their clients that the emails, including the one with the referral code, will be sent to them in the next few days. Clients are now on the lookout for these emails, which not only helps with survey response rates, but also boosts the number of referrals.
  3. Clients reach back out to H&R Block Canada Clients expect the emails, so they reach back out to H&R Block Canada if they didn’t receive their email, for example, in case of a typo or bounced email address, accidental deletion, etc. (Which, of course, is something we try to minimize by using catchy subject lines and purposeful branding!) Whatever the case, certain scenarios lead to clients reaching out to H&R Block Canada to find out where their email is.
  4. H&R Block Canada reaps the benefits Once the client gets their redemption code, H&R Block Canada has new business come their way! Furthermore, they’ve created a positive client experience for that individual. Both of these actions make it much more likely that this client will relay the positive experience they had with the company to any potential acquaintances they are referring. H&R Block Canada is both activating their existing promoters AND creating new ones.

For me to see an organization this large with so many other things going on, be this customer centric, it compels me to share their story.

At least 60% of companies utilize some sort of referral marketing program, but only 5% have the system to support it. So, H&R Block Canada is truly ahead of the curve! 

I know there are other smaller, more agile organizations who could be doing all the same things, but aren’t— and are therefore missing out on an excellent opportunity to GROW!

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