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Building a Powerful CX & Net Promoter® Program - The Story of Colt Data Centre Services

Blog by Ian Luck
October 25, 2022

As businesses in the Data Centre Services industry continue to battle for customer loyalty, one company is setting itself on the right track to become one of the most customer-centric data center providers. Colt Data Centre Services has over 15-years experience designing, building and managing data centers with its strong commitment to customer experience (CX) and loyalty.

In 2015, when the Colt DCS organization established itself as a standalone business from its larger sister organization, Colt Technology Services, having a highly differentiated CX became a top priority. Colt DCS wanted to turn dissatisfaction into delight, improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase revenue and employee satisfaction. The company was also highly aware that happy customers create brand loyalty, increase customer retention and provide brand advocacy.

In order to accomplish their customer loyalty and business growth goals, directors Carla Haines and Kris Zacharias realized they needed to partner with a powerful Net Promoter System® provider. They also wanted a customer feedback tool that combines reporting, KPIs, account success and closed loop features under one umbrella. Having such a powerful business tool meant Colt DCS would not have to go through numerous customer feedback spreadsheets to be able to make a strategic decision about improving the customer experience.

In the second half of 2016, whilst looking for a professional survey tool and vendor that cares as much about customer success as they do, Colt DCS came across CustomerGauge.

We found working with CustomerGauge was like a partnership, rather than onboarding another supplier.” - David Hill, Colt Data Centre Services

The NPS Roll-Out Journey

CustomerGauge’s completely customized NPS tool sped up the buy-in process from everyone at Colt DCS. The “Account Success” feature, in particular, allowed Colt DCS to equip their different departments with the relevant information and reporting, while at the same time putting NPS and Voice of the Customer (VoC) at the core of the business.

Colt DCS began collecting customer feedback at many transactional touchpoints across the customer journey, as well as with periodic relationship and product surveys. Attaching drivers to their NPS question, Colt DCS was able to keep their surveys short and drill down to the root causes of both customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Here are just a few of the new capabilities Colt DCS was equipped with to become the most customer-centric data centre services company:

  • Fully branded customer survey, starting with the ultimate NPS question
  • Translated customer surveys in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese
Colt Customer Survey
  • Closed loop process – “fire-fighting” feature to save customers from churning
  • Response rate tracking
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Ability to link customer loyalty and NPS to financial performance
Working together with CustomerGauge we were able to analyze reliable customer feedback data. The strategy was aimed at maintaining high and middle-end customer’s satisfaction level, while increasing the engagement on the standard segment customers.” - Carla Haines, Director of Customer Retention.

Reaping the Rewards

By arming themselves with a real-time NPS platform that both measures and acts on customer feedback, Colt DCS built the foundation for success. The company managed to take its Net Promoter Score to + 43, representing an increase by +26 points from early 2016.

Listening to customers to understand their expectations is important, but acting on that feedback and eliminating pain points is even more important as it contributes significantly to company-wide transformation efforts. With a powerful “fire fighting” feature, Colt DCS also implemented a robust closed loop feedback process, whereby it was able to turn dissatisfaction into delight. The image below shows Colt DCS’s closed loop process.

Colt Closing the Loop

With CustomerGauge’s real-time fire-fighting tool, Colt DCS is able to contact 100% of their detractors within 48 hours of receiving customer feedback, resolve issues and save them from churning.

Customer feedback also helps Colt DCS focus on those service improvements that impact customer satisfaction the most, such as customer communications. Equally, by acting on the customer feedback and seeing improvement satisfaction results, Colt DCS was able to congratulate and reward employee champions. By training and rewarding its employees on the importance of customer feedback, Colt DCS further increased the employee engagement with the NPS program.

It is clear Colt DCS has made significant accomplishments since they began their CX & NPS transformation in 2016. Their commitment to the customer experience shows again and again throughout everything they do. The Colt DCS vision after all is to be the most trusted and customer-centric data centre operator in the industry. The company aims to achieve NPS of +50 across all customers in all countries for the upcoming year.

Colt DCS will now continue the journey and drive further improvements based on the latest customer feedback. Our aim for World Class NPS will bring us ever closer to truly living our vision in a sustainable way through continuous improvement.” - Carla Haines, Director of Customer Retention, Colt DCS

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