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Case study: W. & L. Jordan GmbH floors customer service with Net Promoter

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

W. & L. Jordan GmbH is a German third generation family-owned flooring and home textile wholesaler that sells to small-medium sized businesses. Its consistent focus on the customer has seen it expand to more than 50 stores across Germany, Austria, and France.

Prior to 2011, the business ran occasional 10-20 question customer satisfaction surveys, which helped it to keep a finger on the pulse of customer needs. But in 2011, the business implemented the first of its now-annual Net Promoter surveys, in collaboration with CustomerGauge partner j/s/w Consulting and using the CustomerGauge platform.

The Net Promoter surveys returned 35-40% response rates (significantly higher than its previous surveys), and revealed to the business new information on how it can improve its customer satisfaction.

With the CustomerGauge system’s comprehensive suite of automatic reporting tools, the organisation has implemented a series of steps that have created a self-propelling cycle of customer service improvement. Store managers are given the information to strengthen individual customer relationships and its Net Promoter team is able to track how overall, regional, and store-level customer service is evolving.

Said Head of Marketing Norman Virks: “For us, a real benefit of using Net Promoter is how it has armed our store managers with the knowledge to find out whether a customer’s issue is a regular occurrence or an isolated incident.

Its Net Promoter Score has improved from +29 to +38, with a corresponding improvement in business performance.

The organisation is now running its third survey flight, and eagerly looking forward to see how its results compare to previous years and uncover the information that will drive its customer experience to a new level.

Download the case study here:

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