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Case Study: Benefits for the bottom line and beyond at Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

Over the past few years, Net Promoter® has become widely adopted by organizations worldwide, and quite rightly, much has been written of the business benefits of implementing the metric. But beyond the bottom line, we consistently encounter individuals and businesses that experience indirect and sometimes surprising advantages to working with Net Promoter.

Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific is one such organization. A publisher that focuses on legal, accounting, and healthcare sectors, it first implemented Transactional Net Promoter Surveys in mid-2011. A year on, Net Promoter is transforming the way the company does business, and having a positive impact on employee interactions, customer satisfaction, and product development.

Continuous Feedback Case Study

The Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific case study looks at how the company brought in continuous transaction feedback, integrated with their application, with close-loop feedback handled within the CRM application itself.

The document also highlights how they react to feedback on isolated issues, on systematic issues, how they reach out to detractors and increase employee engagement. 

Download the case study here:

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