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Closing the B2B CX Gap with Account Experience

Blog by Ian Luck
July 3, 2019

For years, B2B leaders and CX champions have wrestled to obtain the insights they need to enact a successful large-scale CX program that impacts retention and promotes growth. They have typically relied on tools for a B2C model, not suited for global accounts and without consideration to the multi-contact and hierarchical complexities of B2B relationships. The lack of solutions to predict and prevent losing a million dollar customer account equally has a great impact in a B2B business. Simply put, when it comes to tailored CX solutions, the B2B market has been grossly underserved.

During Monetize! Amsterdam, CustomerGauge introduced a new approach to the B2B customer experience—Account ExperienceTM. The Account Experience solution is a suite of feedback management, monetization and account-based technologies used to manage and grow the complex, multi-contact relationships of B2B clients.

Here’s a snapshot of what Account Experience covers:

Account Narratives Told in Real-Time

Global enterprises are more likely to be market leaders in revenue growth by focusing on existing customers, rather than just prioritizing customer acquisition strategies. The main challenge? Empowering sales and account management teams with the right tools that focus on account retention and growth.

With the launch of Account Experience, CustomerGauge introduced solutions that make account management truly predictive and growth-focused.

These new solutions allow managers to determine which accounts to focus on first - i.e. the ones that could have the biggest impact on the bottomline. Account managers would not need to scroll through endless customer reports or spreadsheets to understand which accounts need prioritization - they can find this just by logging into their CustomerGauge system.  

Next, Account Vitals, CustomerGauge’s latest innovation, offers the much needed real-time tracking of any operational data (e.g. business reviews, meetings, support tickets, marketing campaigns, CRM data, etc) with an account for the complete activity and engagement overview. With it, the key account activity data is made relevant to all departments in a business - marketing, CSM, C-Suite, account teams, making it ideal for breaking down silos. The single view dashboard of Account Vitals makes it easy to understand patterns and predict if any accounts are at risk of churning due to lack of engagement. And with the added recommended actions functionality for each team, Account Vitals takes retention management to a whole new level.

Beyond a birds-eye view of accounts, the latest product innovations offer a deep-dive into the state of the relationship with different key stakeholders in an account - decision makers, influencers and operational users. What if operational users are promoters and decision makers are detractors? With CustomerGauge’s smart Organizational Chart, account managers can quickly understand the perception of their company’s brand with different stakeholders in a high-revenue account and prevent churn in advance.

Revenue & CX Made Inseparable

Up until now proving the ROI of CX has been associated with implied financial results of measuring and acting on customer feedback. But what if you could walk into a status meeting and report to your CX program stakeholders - “This is our NPS, this is our loyalty split of promoters, detractors and passives and this is what they are worth to our business in dollars”.  

With CustomerGauge’s wealth of monetization capabilities, organizations can estimate the financial impact of moving accounts from one loyalty segment to another, see if high-revenue accounts are growing more or less loyal over time and focus on the CX efforts that impact ROI the most.

Customer-Centricity Meets Strategic Growth

To tie things together, the available solutions also equip organizations with intelligent tools to develop strategic retention and growth strategies for key accounts. Account teams can quickly identify accounts for up and cross-sells, referral marketing, reviews, as well as prioritize rescue actions. All of this in a single view connecting customer and revenue data.

We’re also excited to announce our enriched Retention Suite, an integral part of the Account Experience solution. With it, B2B companies see the warning signs of upcoming churn and stop it in its tracks. Going beyond rescuing accounts, businesses can also learn from churned accounts with churn driver analysis - a guide for the areas of the business line that can stop churn in the future.

Ready to go ahead with your own B2B customer experience program? Book a demo with our team today! 

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