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4 Ways Your Company Will Get ROI From Monetize! This Year

Blog by Ian Luck
November 16, 2022

Want to attend Monetize! in Amsterdam this September, but need some stand-out ways to convince your boss?

Well, we’ve put together a quick guide below on the key areas that your boss will see value. Shoot this blog post over to your boss with the request or summarize the points in a quick email.

Can’t wait to see you in Amsterdam!

4 Ways Your Company Will Get ROI From Monetize!

Let’s face it, the most common objection you’ll get is, “This is too expensive” or “We don’t have the budget for this right now.”

This is fair enough, but they likely don’t understand the advantage of attending the conference and don’t feel equipped to convince their own boss of the value.

We suggest focusing them on ROI, instead of the cost.

Here are four elements of ROI to tell your boss about:

1. There will be live Academy Workshops, and you can bring back those teachings to the company

If you choose the three-day conference pass, then you’ll be invited to the Day 1 workshop sessions.

Find more details about Day 1 here.

In short, it kicks the conference off with an extensive set of workshops led by a fleet of voice of customer (VOC) program implementation specialists.

Attendees will come away equipped with the knowledge to build and improve a best practice B2B experience program.

The half-day event will focus on four key sessions:

  • Measure: Accurately measure and analyze VOC data and boost survey response rates.

  • Act: Learn how to close the loop and what actions lead to the best outcomes for customer retention.

  • Grow: Find out how to go from an experience program to a consistent, reliable contribution to revenue growth.

  • Culture: Key to program success, learn how to win buy-in from senior executives and to get engagement across the business in a customer-first culture.

We recommend presenting back your key learnings to the business when you return to work. That way, the best practices you learn will bring new life to your whole team and beyond.

But our program doesn't begin there — every attendee will receive a free platinum certification to the CustomerGauge Academy with their ticket purchase before the event to kickstart their education!

2. The topic is Earned Growth: an explicit teaching on getting ROI from a customer experience program

The overall theme of Monetize! this year is Earned Growth, which details the strategy behind how the fastest growing companies globally do it.

If you’re looking to expand market share faster than ever, then doubling down on retention, upsell and referrals is the way to do it.

This year at Monetize!, every session will in some way focus on building a B2B experience program that drives real revenue results.

Whether that’s tackling retention by closed-loop feedback processes, or by driving retention and account expansion opportunity insights to your frontline account teams…you’ll come away with tons of new methodologies to drive tangible impact at your company.

Learn more about Earned Growth here.

3. There are 22 engaging presentations with best practices, pick the relevant value

Not every session will be of clear value to where your team is at right now. Luckily, we have 22 presentations led by a variety of experts from all kinds of industries.

Check out our agenda here. Pick out the ones that tackle a problem your team is facing this quarter and make them your focus in your boss pitch.

Here are some examples:

  • How Companies Can Leverage Earned Growth, by Fred Reichheld the Founder of Net Promoter.

  • How Account Experience (AX) Is Driving Earned Growth: How B2B experience programs can drive revenue results.

  • Promoters spend 2x compared to Detractors. Here’s how Wajax gets more of them.

  • How to Motivate an Entire Workforce to Embrace Feedback, based on the experience of the Briggs Equipment team.

4. There will be the latest industry research and benchmarks to drive internal adoption forward

This year at CustomerGauge, we’ll be revealing something incredibly exciting. We plan to announce the latest NPS benchmarks, broken down by industry and region.

Benchmarks are a great way to stoke the competitive fire internally, and show how your current situation compares to the standard. It’s often hard to truly compare due to geographic difference or trust in online survey quality.

We’ve solved that problem—we’ll bring you verified NPS scores broken out by region and industry. It’ll be a great takeaway to bring to your next management report.

We hope that helps! It's going to be a whirlwind few days and, like every year, every attendee is going to come away bursting with new ideas.

PS. Thinking of getting a ticket? Here’s where you can purchase a ticket, use the code ‘33Monetize’ to get a 33% discount this week only.

Alternatively, reach out to for group discounts.

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