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CustomerGauge announces Customer Feedback Everywhere

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018


(updated) This week we launched our new platform CustomerGauge Everywhere with a short live webcast. With CustomerGauge Everywhere, businesses can now engage the entire organization with customer feedback in real-time:
  • Customer comments shared around the business like a private "Twitter" feed
  • Employees can solve customer issues fast
  • Real time Net Promoter® reporting
This results in improved customer experiences and reduces the costs in areas of marketing, sales.
[caption id="attachment_2862" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="CustomerGauge Everywhere: Superfast on Desktop or iPad"]2012UI-CustomerGauge-everywhere2-300x270.png[/caption]

What's new:

CustomerGauge Everywhere is from available from today to deploy.  Features include:
  • Open access to recent comments/Net Promoter Score page, providing customer feedback  to anyone in the organization. No additional per-seat cost
  • HTML5 coded, works on iPad, Android
  • Updated in real-time
Performance boost:
  • New architecture for super fast performance (one million records graphed in 1 second)
  • Amazon EC2 powered for scalability
Reporting Features added:
  • More date options (transaction date, email sent and survey completed)
  • More filter options: 12+ segments available to report on
  • Highly configurable “roles” based views
  • Addition of Net Promoter targets - can be set by month and segment
  • Reporting system now available in languages (Today: English, German, Italian, June 2012: Spanish, others to follow)
  • Surveys and results in 40 languages with Google Translate available
[caption id="attachment_2861" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Language options: English, German, Italian plus more to come"]2012UI-CustomerGauge-everywherelang-300x202.png[/caption]
In summary, CustomerGauge now has a UNIQUE ability to capture feedback and share with entire organisation EVERYWHERE, with no cost or performance penalty.
We'll be diving into details over the next weeks. To learn more about the platform now, view the archived webinar (15 mins). Or request information and a demo.
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