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Bring Your Own Data: CustomerGauge Launches Self-Service platform for the Net Promoter System

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Presenting our Valentine's Gift to Customer Love

Today is February the 14th, Valentine's Day. While most people associate Valentine's with chocolates and roses, at CustomerGauge we have gone a step further and built a whole new product dedicated to customer love.

The new product is called CustomerGauge Essentials. It's simple, fast, and used correctly will turn even Detractors into swooning, lovestruck Promoters. Oh, and it comes with a month free trial - no credit card required.

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Launch a Net Promoter program in Minutes

CustomerGauge Essentials is particularly interesting for two groups.

For organisations new to Net Promoter, it offers a fast, simple entry point to collect and analyse customer feedback, with access to advanced surveying, workflow, and reporting tools.

For organisations that previously implemented Net Promoter with simple survey tools and a spreadsheet, CustomerGauge Essentials has the option of importing historical data into the system and be up and running in minutes. (Note: Information on the data format used is outlined in the Open Data Interchange – Net Promoter System.)

By making setup so easy that the whole system can start collecting data in potentially under an hour, CustomerGauge Essentials helps democratise access to customer feedback and analytics. With its launch, our dream is that a new wave of businesses are inspired to bring the Voice of Customer into their organisation.

Take a look at the shiny new Dashboard!

[caption id="attachment_9147" align="aligncenter" width="523"]section-tabs-ex2 Pimp your Net Promoter analytics.[/caption]

Essentials Features

Essentials takes all the key features of the CustomerGauge Enterprise system and distils them down into a quick-to-setup and easy to use format. Like the other CustomerGauge systems, Essentials has four key capabilities:


1. Communications.
The Survey Builder - a configurable, flexible survey tool that allows customers to assign feedback and is optimised for desktop and mobile - is complemented by the Email Engine, a powerful, highly configurable in-application email function to send survey invitations, reminders and other communications.

2. Firefighting.
A system to track workflow, engage staff, and make sure promises to customers are kept on time, every time.

3. Analytics.
Access to eight key real-time CustomerGauge Reports, including the Net Promoter Score Report, NPS by Segment, Responses, Loyalty Spectrum, and more.

4. Organisational Change.
A Digital Signage tool to share customer feedback and select information inside the organisation and help the Voice of Customer become the engine of innovation in your organisation.

Getting Started

Remember, customer love is earned, not given. But luckily for you, registration and use of CustomerGauge Essentials is open now and FREE for the first month. To get started, register below!

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