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CustomerGauge opens its 5th Anniversary User Summit

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

CustomerGauge’s user event is underway in Amsterdam and today we have kicked off with a day of workshops, where our clients are coming together to share ideas and find solutions to NPS® and Customer Experience problems.

Tomorrow the event goes into the next gear with keynote speakers giving us their insights about NPS and retention.

Speakers from the Net Promoter forefront

johannkeJohanneke Behrend, Program Manager of Customer Loyalty from Aegon will start the day by speaking about how changing to CustomerGauge’s NPS platform helped Aegon increase employee engagement.

Nick_Professional_Photo-e1444219978297.jpgAlaska Communications Senior Marketing Analytics Specialist, Nicholas Wagner will explain their journey with NPS. From simple relational surveys to a transactional NPS that looks to measure every touchpoint. It is a perspective that is unique but valuable as theirs is a market that is small but highly competitive.

jacob christJacob Løth Christensen, Global Market Intelligence and Customer Experience Manager at Nilfisk will speak about excellence in NPS. After years of being dedicated NPS users, Nilfisk continues to create new ways to keep the momentum going. Their latest focus: How NPS has become a currency within the organization.

joe bartlingWhile, our final keynote comes from Joseph Bartling, the Director of Enterprise Analytics at H&R Block Canada. Joseph will explain how with CustomerGauge’s NPS platform they can identify and leverage the enthusiastic nature of their Promoters.

CustomerGauge and the future

CustomerGauge’s Product team, Trishaala Chengappa and Roy Chandra, will talk about the year that’s been with an overview of the products released and how data drove their development.

CEO, Adam Dorrell and VP of Marketing and Product, Jørgen Christensen will talk about what the future holds for CustomerGauge. From upcoming product releases to the journey they foresee for customer experience, our executives will complete our 5th Anniversary user event.

To learn more about CustomerGauge and what we can do for you, read our recent interview with Nicholas Wagner from Alaska Communications.

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