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CustomerGauge Security Enhancements: November 2011 Release

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018


Security is one of the least exciting features to talk about in an application, but it is the essential foundation of a SaaS system like CustomerGauge. Safely storing the customer details and Net Promoter Scores of our corporate clients keep us awake at night. We quietly spent some of the summer months on a rolling program of security enhancements, mostly invisible to our users, all oriented to improving data protection.

Today we roll out some platform enhancements which include two security features:

  • Multiple Failed Login Attempt Prevention. There may be useful acronym for this tongue-twister; suffice it to say that this helps block a nasty penetration attempt called a "brute force attack" - if someone tries to repeatedly login without success they will be blocked from the system.
  • IP Whitelist: This came as a request from clients who wish to restrict CustomerGauge access to selected IP addresses, and so enhance security on the system.

Details are in a short presentation, questions can be directed to Client Operations team.

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