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CustomerGauge’s new interactive tagging survey revolutionizes #textanalytics

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

CustomerGauge releases an interactive tagging feature that classifies survey comments in real-time – as the user types – learning and adapting the more it is used.

Current text analytic systems are based on “Passive Text Analytics”, meaning that tagging is done after the user completes the survey. This requires training with large amounts of predefined text that fit a business. Due to this and the fact that training sets are rarely updated, tagging is carried out with varying quality - a quality that can be as low as 25% at times.

CustomerGauge’s “Interactive Text Tagging” works on mobile devices as well as desktops, and provides text analytics that goes beyond simply tagging comments post-submission. Providing an ideal solution for business users, especially users of the Net Promoter® metric.

By automatically tagging comments in real-time, presenting it as though it were a #hashtag, respondents can actively engage with their feedback and edit the tags presented. This interactive capacity to add or delete tags engages customers and creates a textual analytics that more accurately represents the modes of speech surrounding a particular business’s products and customers.

Moving beyond the inaccuracy of passive tagging, the system automatically updates its set of training text as each respondent uses the feature. The more it is used the more it learns.

CustomerGauge has developed this system in-house using pattern-matching algorithms and taught the system using thousands of existing customer comments from multiple sources. This means that the system is ready to go immediately and thanks to it's machine-learning capabilities, gets more accurate as users delete or add more tags.

The new feature is simple for both respondent and user:

  1. Personal feedback provided is run through an algorithm to detect predefined customer experience related keywords.
  2. Upon detecting keywords, keyword tags are created and presented to the respondent below the comment box.
  3. Respondents are given the option to delete or add tags of their own. Respondents can then submit the survey as per normal. 
  4. A text analytics report is made available for the user. Tags are presented along with a frequency and an NPS score for each tag.

Using big computer power to present real-time tagging tailored to the modern on-the-go mobile user, the feature offers adaptable tagging. As your customer’s speech changes so does your tagging.

Reporting is built-in with visual charts showing the Net Promoter score with comment frequency and drill down options for individual customer comments. All comments are available for download or via API.

The new interactive tagging feature from CustomerGauge is available from today and at no extra charge. To find out more visit the product page.

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