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DHL Achieves Higher Renewal Rates & Growth Using CustomerGauge

Blog by Ian Luck
March 26, 2024

We have higher renewal rates with the customers we survey (using CustomerGauge)

Markus Engel

DHL is present in more than 50 countries and is considered to be the No. 1 global logistics provider. How do they stay ahead of the competition? According to Markus Engel, the company believes that customer-centricity is a ‘customer-first’ mindset that applies to every employee, every day, at every level.

After the introduction of CXM (Customer Experience Management), DHL transformed its global survey and closed-loop process to be more speedy and efficient for both company and customers. The company also increased satisfaction through transparency and implemented workflows for CX reps to ensure an effective response to each customer group within the appropriate time frame. The result was impressive.

Since its 2016 program rollout, DHL increased its NPS by 10+ points in several countries and doubled its customer response rate.

Not only that, Markus leveraged the CustomerGauge Account Experience Software to increase renewal rates and grow their sales pipeline! See how he did this at DHL in the videos below taken from our "Monetize!" event in Amsterdam:

Summary Video:

Full-Length Video:

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