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Move over watercooler: CustomerGauge’s Digital Signage the new driver of workplace innovation

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

Imagine if you had a tool that was a driver of creating a customer-focused workplace culture, that helped staff quickly identify what needed to change, and which did so with neutral, authentic voice – the voice of the customer.

CustomerGauge’s Digital Signage is designed to meet these goals, by “narrowcasting” customer feedback and other selected information across any screen in the organization simply by sharing a URL.

Where once impromptu conversations may have taken place around the watercooler, they can now be inspired by listening to the “Ultimate CEO” of the company – its customers.

Digital Signage Benefits

Having the Voice of the Customer permanently visible in the organization means:

    • A new focal point for staff collaboration.
    • No need to guess what customers are thinking - it's clearly spelled out where everyone can see.
    • Staff have access to the intelligence they need to make incremental, bottom up change based on a neutral, outside voice.
    • There is automatic recognition for work well done and automatic notice when there is an issue.
    • There is a new level of transparency for the organization as staff from the top down have access to the voice of its customers.

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This example signage contains test data, but should give you an idea of the possibilities.

Key features

  • Flexible configuration means you can show (or not) Net Promoter Scores and score trends, scores by country, comment carousel, firefighting, word clouds, static images, and much more.
  • You can create and edit as many versions of the Digital Signage as you like (one for each office if you wish)
  • If security is required, an IP white list can be set.

If you are CustomerGauge user interested in finding out more about the tool, please contact your client operations professional. If you do not yet use CustomerGauge, please get in touch with us at

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