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Getting Feedback from the Meh-Generation

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

New techniques to get Millenials responding to NPS questions

Mingus Donovan, “Dream Alchemist”, Beacon Hill Knife Sharpening Co-operative Mingus Donovan, “Dream Alchemist”, Beacon Hill Knife Sharpening Co-operative[/caption]

“I would never give a 10 on a survey” says Mingus Donovan, who describes himself as the “Dream Alchemist” of the Boston-based startup, Beacon Hill Knife Sharpening Co-operative. “I don’t care how pimp or fire the service is, there’s no way I’d say I would recommend a company to a friend”, before adding thoughtfully “unless I was being ironic.”

Right there Donovan puts his finger on the issue facing companies selling products to Hipster Millennials. How can today's hot new providers of artisanal, small batch moustache wax or locally sourced soywax candles get reliable customer feedback?

So when CustomerGauge’s new customer, Fïxyana, the well known Helsinki-based maker of hand-crafted “fixie” bikes asked us to help get real feedback from their target market, we took it as a challenge. From today, we are offering a new Net Promoter variant Product, especially for millennials.

You can try this Meh-PS survey

Blanche Vextrose (20), research assistant in CustomerGauge Journeys Of Karma Engagements department talks frankly about the two major issues.

First, the traditional “Would you recommend…” question has to go. “Today’s time-pressured Barista or Craft Brewer are very unlikely to muster up the energy to actually evangelize a service” Blanche says “The best phrase we found for the survey was to ask “How likely are you to be bothered to post a snarky comment on Instagram?”"

Next is understanding the scale. “There is a different vocabulary that we needed to use – by analyzing 1000s of tweets we arranged our scale from 0 – 10 with words like ‘Dead’, ‘heavy’ and ‘Long’ at the detractor end, Passives being ‘meh’, ‘bless’ and ‘stump’ and Promoters saying ‘on fleek’, ‘lit’, ‘fire’ and ‘pimp’. “

We found the key to success was to provide a button to allow people to say that their score was given “ironically” . Using a complex algorithm, when this option is checked, CustomerGauge provides the right NPS score.

fixyana-added-irony The "Sarcasm-Switch" option.[/caption]

“For some demographics, interpreting response is the main issue. It’s not so much natural language analysis that’s a challenge – more “body language”. Blanche continues: “It’s really hard to engage the average hipster. Even one click is sometimes too much”.

To focus on this, CustomerGauge developed a javascript survey plug-in that uses the phone camera to detect minutiae changes of body-movement, then process the result with heavyweight AI. “We call it the Shrug-Detector” says Blanche “and we are able to get such a nuanced spectrum of results to show the whole range of emotions from “whatevs” to “FFS” from even something as small as a wistful sigh, or contemptuous scowl."

Fïxyana's Craft Beer Holder

Atticus Ray Robinson, Innovation Sherpa of Fïxyana comments “we are reasonably excited about this new facility. Already the feedback in the trial phase has helped us develop a new product, which is an all-leather craft beer holder for bikes”

CustomerGauge occasionally writes about new exciting innovations that impact Net Promoter . This new survey style is available from 1 April 2017 - you can try out the new style Millenial Meh-PS survey here.

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