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“If you leave me now”: How to hold on to e-commerce customers (Webinar)

Dave the retention manager had the bright idea of singing an old Chicago song to the customers

Chicago’s 1976 cheesy chart-topper echoes the mournful cries of e-commerce retailers as their expensively-won customers fail to return to purchase again. With an average of 89%* of customers leaving after one purchase it really is “Taking away the biggest part of me”.

In a short webinar we bring together two experience e-commerce executives to discuss ways of keeping customers loyal, and returning to buy again. Here’s a clue: it’s not repeatedly sending marketing emails.


Examining the strategy  behind the customer retention strategies of major ecommerce vendors including Sony, Philips and others.

  • Looking after the important customers – we show how 7%** of ecommerce customers drive more than half the revenue
  • Using an open source KPI as a benchmarking tool: the Net Promoter® Score
  • Making customers feel like VIPs – involving them in service improvements

Learn practical examples and hear some little-known facts, and put your questions to the experts.

About the presenters

  • Jos Williams, international e-commerce expert: Former Director of Philips eShop Europe, currently with
  • Adam Dorrell, CEO CustomerGauge, former Director of SonyStyle Europe and

This webinar is now archived (30 minutes): watch it here

The presentation is available in our Download area.

(first broadcast Tuesday 19 July 2011)

*/** based on anonymised retention numbers/RFM data from 10 major ecommerce clients (CustomerGauge)

Next Up: CustomerGauge Internet-Connected "AnalogGauge" shows Net Promoter® Score in Real Time

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