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Introducing Video NPS Surveys: Are you Ready to Gather Feedback from a Cliff Face?

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Jamie Clarke (pictured above) is the CEO and co-founder of Canadian outdoor apparel business and CustomerGauge client Live Out There.

No stranger to adventure, his keynote at the 2013 CustomerGauge User Event about his journey to the peak of Everest left many in the audience verging on tears.

But ascending the world's tallest mountain was only a part of the story. As CEO of Live Out There, Jamie and his team are absolutely dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. So when the organisation planned its Net Promoter survey strategy, it wanted to really demonstrate to its customers how much their feedback was valued.

The organisation created the below video of Jamie living and breathing the Live Out There spirit - asking customers to provide feedback while hanging off the side of a sheer cliff face.

Before you read on, we recommend watching the survey invitation below:


CustomerGauge configured Live Out There's surveys to include the video in the survey invitation, and so a new feature, Video NPS, was born.

Live Out There surveyA/B Testing and Results

To assess whether the introduction of the video into the survey would affect survey responses or results in any way, the business implemented an A/B Test to compare Video NPS with a regular text and image-based survey.

Disclaimer: Live Out There is only one organisation and therefore these results are not necessarily predictive of other situations. Nonetheless, it was interesting to note that:

  • A slightly higher average Net Promoter Score was given to Live Out There by Video NPS Survey respondents.
  • The response rates for the two formats were roughly equal.
  • The Video NPS respondents were around 15% more likely to give written feedback.

Based on these findings, the main advantage to video appears to be a higher feedback response - definitely valuable for organisations that want to increase the quantity of comments from customers.

Advantages of Video NPS

Asking your customers for feedback can be viewed as fairly intrusive, and if it's poorly executed (long, unintuitive design, no attempt made to close the loop), can do more harm than good. After all, apart from people who live and breathe Net Promoter and customer experience in their professional lives, it is a rare individual who wants to fill out an unsolicited survey.

By recognising that it is asking its valued customers for a favour (and saying so in the video!), Live Out There has taken advantage of a great opportunity to really underscore that their customers' feedback is appreciated. And by putting its CEO in the video, it clearly demonstrates that feedback is taken seriously by everyone in the organisation from the top down - sending a powerful message that people inside the business are really invested in the customer experience. Small wonder Live Out There consistently records scores in the +80s.

Who can use Video NPS?

Video NPS can now be configured for any CustomerGauge users. To find out more about the feature, contact your Client Operations Professional. As for hanging off the side of a cliff to film it, we recommend you get your gear at Live Out There.

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