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Loyalty Spectrum Analyzer: A New Visualisation for b2b Surveys with Net Promoter Score

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

Isaac Newton

So what did Newton know about loyalty? 340 years ago Sir Isaac Newton demonstrated that white light was made up of a rainbow of colours by using a prism. What's more, he astounded onlookers by showed the spectrum could be recombined back in to white light again, via a second prism. It was no mere party trick - it was the start of our modern understanding of light.

Refracting customer loyalty.

The December 2009 Business-Business (b2b) release of CustomerGauge takes the principle of Newton's prism to split customer loyalty scores (based on Net Promoter Score®) into their component parts. We call this our Loyalty Spectrum Analyzer.

[caption id="attachment_1319" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="See the full spectrum of loyalty responses by customer companies"]See the full spectrum of loyalty responses by customer companies[/caption]

Using these new reports, it is possible to analyse the scores of each segment, and see the comments and results by each individual customer. Hovering over the image shows the customer comment, and a click allows you to drill down into details. Downloads are provided for each segement (or the entire dataset).

You can also analyse the Net Promoter Score of customer companies in the data with the Organisation report. The score of each company is shown, and again, a mouse-hover over the image shows comments and number of responses. A click shows organisation details and full downloads are provided.

[caption id="attachment_1320" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Hover over comments, and drill down on each company with one click"]Hover over comments, and drill down on each company with one click[/caption]

Why is this useful? You can pinpoint problem areas at a glance - for example see the companies that need "rescuing", or immediately see the reasons behind a low score for customers in "purchasing" roles.

It's easier to see how it works in this short video (2'30). Also on YouTube for iPhone users

Tuned for b2b

The new CustomerGauge platform is ideal for measuring loyalty scores in medium to large enterprises. New features include
  • Filter by "flight" (a batch of surveys)
  • Reporting on Net Promoter Score by Organisation and Individuals
  • Response percentage reporting by individuals and companies
  • Tools to boost response and combat email filters: reminders, multi-point survey sending, survey link for completion by IM or telephone
  • Email management: pre-email checks, and unsubscribe
  • Root-cause analysis reports
In addition you can analyse your data using 10 different segments (if your CRM system has that depth). And export all the survey data for offline analysis (or put back into your CRM system).

Next steps

Watch the video, request a demonstration of our b2b system, and test it yourself with your own login. And visualise how your customers will look when viewed through the CustomerGauge Loyalty Spectrum Analyzer. Newton would be proud.
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