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NPS® Leadership Excellence at Areas USA

February 14, 2018


Camilla Scholten and Andrew Todtenkopf at the CustomerGauge booth.

Every so often you come across a company that you would want to work for, not only for what they make, do or sell, but because of the vision they hold and the people they employ. For me, Areas USA is that company and team.

This month I was invited, along with our Customer Success Manager, Andrew Todtenkopf, to join our client Areas, an international enterprise in travel catering, to their 2017 Annual Leadership Rally in sunny Miami, FL.

As Areas' vendor, CustomerGauge provides real-time, actionable customer loyalty data that allows their employees to act immediately on issues and feedback to rescue customers from churning. To give you some background, Areas implemented their CustomerGauge guest experience and loyalty program about 6 months ago. The project team prepared an impressive internal training and communications package and made sure everybody in the organization was up to speed with the features, what was expected of them and how they could contribute to their program's success.

We posted a short video where Cary Self, the director of the Guest Services and NPS program, shares some fantastic examples of how their company uses the CustomerGauge system on a daily basis.

This dedication and enthusiasm to customer experience extended to the conference as well. While there, what struck me the most was how aware and 'on' everybody was. It's truly amazing what "promoters" of a system can do, and a tribute to how fantastic a job Cary Self and Mariel Eisele from Areas have done at educating their employee-team on running their guest experience program. CustomerGauge Conference Andrew Presents at Areas 2017 Leadership Rally Conference.

It is not only Areas' level of engagement and willingness to act and put in extra work, but the true leadership both Cary and the rest of his team emulate that contributes to their consistently high NPS score. Who wouldn't want to work for—or with—a company like that? Thank you again to Cary Self and Mariel Eisele, and the entire Areas USA team, for making us a part of this special event. We can't wait to see what our partnership holds for the future.
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