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Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Question: How do I capture more customer registrations?

The CustomerGauge team is excited to unveil a new feature – the Registration Builder - a simple new way organisations can acquire registrations and capture data from customers from within the CustomerGauge system.

The Registration Builder is a flexible, customisable solution to capture customer details from a variety of devices, that is:

  • Automatically linked to CustomerGauge for Net Promoter® measurement.
  • Useful for marketing purposes.
  • Designed for mobile devices.

How it works

The Registration Builder makes use of three methods – Short URLs, NFC (Near Field Communications), and QR Codes, to gather data.

Organisations place a Short URL, QR Code, of NFC Code on a product, website, or other touchpoint with a prominent call-to-action to encourage customers to scan or sign up.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="212"]QR Code Scan the QR code, visit, or click on the image to road-test the Registration Builder – and gain access to exclusive CustomerGauge content.[/caption]

Scan the QR code, visit, or click on the image to road-test the Registration Builder – and gain access to exclusive CustomerGauge content.

Once a customer has clicked on the code, customers are directed to a registration page where they leave select details to access content or offers. At a set time after signing up, a Net Promoter survey is automatically triggered from the CustomerGauge system, and customers are asked to give their feedback on the original product purchase. Through these simple steps, the Registration Builder gives organisations considerable potential to capture new data across multiple touchpoints.


The Registration Builder has a wide range of advantages for B2B and B2C organisations that want to gather more data. Here are three:

  1. Registration fields and images can be customised according to the requirements of the organisation.B2B organisations can use it to capture data from end users. For example, a manufacturer that sells whitegoods to retail stores could place a short URL, NFC or QR Code on its products with a call-to-action to get end consumers to register – a great opportunity to bring the voice of end customers into the organisation and increase the overall understanding of customer needs. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]Registration fields and images can be customised according to the requirements of the organisation. Registration fields and images can be customised according to the requirements of the organisation.[/caption]
  2. Ecommerce organisations can use it on websites to encourage customers to register, without having to manually create a product registration.
  3. Organisations with multiple products can track customer sentiment across each product type by using different codes for each product.


The Registration Builder includes the following key functionalities:

  • Registration email fields and images can be customised so that organisations can capture only the data they need.
  • Users can build registrations for multiple products at a time and have the advantage of an overview of these products from within the CustomerGauge system.
  • Automatic notification to the system when a customer scans a code.
  • Advanced reporting features, including a Dashboard where users can track registrations across multiple products and drill down into data by product (below).

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Users can drill down into registration details. Users can drill down into registration details.[/caption]

Real-life Example: CCH/Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific

CustomerGauge has implemented CustomerGauge Registration Builder feature with CCH/WoltersKluwer AsiaPacific, a business publisher based in Australia. Because it sells to other businesses, such as universities and bookstores, CCH had no way of capturing the voice of the end customer and bringing it into the organisation.

CCH places QR codes on the cover of a new publication, with a call-to-action to scan in order to access free CCH content.

QR codes CCH

Once a customer scans the code, he or she is taken to a landing page at which they are invited to register their details in order to download the first three chapters of another selected publication in the series for free.

When a customer registers, a case is automatically opened in the CustomerGauge platform, which triggers a Net Promoter survey to be sent to the customer after thirty days. This wait is to ensure that the customer has enough time to form an opinion on the publication in question.

This initiative means that CCH can reach out to all end customers no matter which channel they bought through (rather than only direct customers), which gives the organisation the opportunity to capture the customer’s contact information, as well as gather feedback about the publication.

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