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The CustomerGauge Testimonial Sharer: It's a megaphone for your word of mouth buzz

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018


Recently, we introduced the CustomerGauge Digital Signagea tool that narrowcasts customer feedback within the organisation, and which has become a focal point for staff collaboration.

This has proven to be a real driver of internal excitement for businesses as the voice of the customer finds a permanent place inside the organisation. But at a time when up to 80 percent of potential buyers agree with the idea that online reviews influence their purchase decisions, if you want to share positive feedback with people outside the organisation, you don't need an intranet notice, or an internal memo.

You need a megaphone.

The CustomerGauge Testimonial Sharer is a tool that enables you to publish selected customer testimonials on your website, in-store or elsewhere, with just one line of code. Unlike the Digital Signage, the Testimonial Sharer does not narrowcast, but can be used to broadcast testimonials to potentially hundreds, thousands, or even millions of leads.

How to use it

Because it is customisable, there is a wide range of possible uses for the Testimonial Sharer. It can potentially be used to share:

  • Select positive customer feedback on a public website or in a public physical location such as a shop floor.
  • Unfiltered or partially filtered comments with registered users.
  • Full comments and details on an intranet.


  • Can be shared via URL or by adding an iframe to your site HTML.
  • Can be customised to fit in with the look and feel of your website, including font, colour, border, and other style options.
  • Looks equally attractive on desktop, mobile, and across operating systems, which is increasingly important as more and more shoppers start their purchase journey on their mobile device.
  • Can create multiple versions, which means different testimonials can be displayed on different product pages or brand websites.
  • Comments can be approved individually, filtered by score so that only Promoter feedback is shown, or filtered by location, store, or language to make sure people see only relevant recommendations..
  • Scores can be displayed by number, with a star rating, or hidden altogether.
  • Dates and other segmentation data can be displayed or hidden as required.

Do you have customer feedback that you're proud of? If you are already a CustomerGauge user, speak to your client operations professional about introducing the Testimonial Sharer to your marketing arsenal. If you are new to CustomerGauge, please contact

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