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NPS® News: Education fails Millennials, Starbucks' digital tech helps growth, and employee wages improve engagement

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

Education's NPS -42: Educators and employers are failing to connect

Millennials are worried about the widening gap between education and employment, but those that can make a strong connection between the two will lead the race for talent.

In a report that surveyed 42,257 Millennials worldwide, AIESEC, a leading youth leadership development organization, said that young people feel they are lacking career guidance. They lack the support to help them understand what is needed for an ideal post-graduation career.

This is exemplified in the report by the fact that education as a whole was given an NPS of -42. Meaning far more people are detractors of their education institutions and systems than there are promoters.

The report states that this poor score comes down to the fact that Millennials do not feel their degrees have given them the value they were expecting. Between what they learn today and what they will need tomorrow, 53% of respondents said there is a complete disconnect.

This might help explain why the report also showed that 68% preferred external learning, turning to more relevant and practical information online, compared to the formal learning that universities practice.

Find out more about Millennials education concerns right here.

Starbucks Q3 Boom: How digital tech is helping them leave the dark days behind

[caption id="attachment_15656" align="alignleft" width="407"]S6LSWPB1BP By letting customers order and pay by mobile, Starbucks is bringing in more customers[/caption]

Six months ago we reported on Starbucks' efforts to improve upon their NPS of just 24 by investing in digital technology and a premium coffee line, and it appears to have paid off.

At its June-ended quarter (Q3 2015), the company posted an 18% year-over-year growth driven by a store sales growth of 7% over the predicted 6.2%.

Starbucks has put much of this success down to the ease of experience that their mobile payment and ordering system has created.

By going mobile, fast and efficient service has been provided to their customers and with shorter lines in-store more customers are being attracted in off the street, helping to create a 4% increase in customer traffic in Q3.

For a company that in 2008 looked in trouble as it was closing stores rapidly, it is pleasant to see that through customer-centric strategies they are bouncing back.

Read more about Starbucks' Digital Strategy @

What a rise in wages can do for employee engagement

With an employee base divided between the minimum and living wage, facilities service provider ISS has found that living wage contract employees had an NPS 18 points higher and had a 37% lower churn rate than minimum wage employees.

[caption id="attachment_15650" align="alignright" width="370"]img-11613518-370x229 ISS CEO Richard Sykes thinks the minimum wage should be scrapped for the living wage. Source: hrmagazine[/caption]

A cleaning, catering, support and security service provider, and with over 550,000 employees worldwide ISS is one of the world’s largest service providers. UK and Ireland CEO Richard Sykes though is calling for a change, he is calling for a rise in employee wages to what is known as the ‘living wage.’

The living wage differs from national minimum wages, as its calculation is based solely on the cost of being able to live in society.

Sykes is on a mission to have all employees within the UK and Ireland division of ISS paid the living wage, but with only 45% of employees on living wage contracts it hasn’t been easy so far. For while it promotes the living wage, it can only pay it on contracts where customers are willing to be charged more.

And while it has been tough to get his message across, with NPS and employee engagement data it has been easier to sell the idea. “Where it could sound like a cost increase, now we can talk to them about the value driver. That’s the light bulb moment: productivity is up, churn is down.”

Learn more about CEO Richard Sykes battle to raise the minimum wage.

In brief

LDM Global, a leading international provider of electronic discovery services for law firms, corporations and government agencies has posted a score of 38.

With a score of 74 the customer-centric cloud company INetU, is hitting all the right notes.

Fast Food giants Nandos and KFC in South Africa have a score of 57.5 and 53.1 respectively.

While Japanese printer manufacturers Epson and Canon have a score of 51 and 48 respectively.

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