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NPS® News: New app boosts hotel NPS by 20, Amazon and Google find new battleground and Apple Watch lacks promoters

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

New startup helps hotel industry gain 20 points

CheckMate initially built mobile tools for hotels to digitize the process of checking in guests. Present day, its mobile tools now facilitate all types of communication between hotels and guests, which for one hotel has meant a 20 point boost in NPS.

Interestingly the company has found that guests are preferring to communicate with hotel staff via SMS text-message style interfaces.

It has meant that many of their users are now choosing to respond to customers as fast as possible with text-style communication, rather than saving costs by using cheaper but slower communication mediums.

And meeting consumer demand faster than competitors is proving to have tangible benefits for hotels.

One of CheckMate’s client hotels exposed half of their customers to such technology, with the other half left as a control group. The result, a rise of 20 points for the hotels Net Promoter score, which has translated into real improvements in TripAdvisor rankings and reviews, and ancillary revenue sales.

For the hotel industry then providing fast and clear communication before and during a stay is the best way to create a great experience.

Read more about CheckMate.

Amazon and Google find new customer experience battleground

Buying your groceries online isn’t anything new. However, as it is already a $10.9 billion U.S. industry, Google and Amazon want a piece of the pie and they aren’t afraid of shaking things up.

[caption id="attachment_16178" align="alignright" width="383"]Google shopping express Google wants to move in on Amazon's home shopping market. Source: Google[/caption]

Although Google Express and Amazon’s home-delivered shopping is currently only available in U.S. west coast states. The services they are offering, combined with the capital they have behind them, is a sign that this space is sure to become a customer experience battle ground.

While Google is offering same-day delivery of groceries in metro areas, Amazon just announced a one-hour delivery service for beer, wine and liquor in Seattle.

With our last recorded Net Promoter scores for Google and Amazon being 11 and 38  respectively, and Amazon's head start in logistics management, it will be interesting to see what these two players will do for the world of home shopping.

Learn more about this battle right here.

Apple Watch: I’m satisfied, but I wouldn’t recommend

[caption id="attachment_16182" align="alignleft" width="289"]Apple Watch The next generation of Apple Watch might struggle to find loyal customers.[/caption]

Apple Watch wearers are putting out mixed messages about how they feel about their little piece of wearable tech.

In an NPS survey by analysts at Wristly, the watch came out with a score of only 14. However, when measuring the customer satisfaction rating the Apple Watch had a 97 percent satisfaction rating.

So while very few would recommend the watch, a large majority are satisfied with it. However, it is hard to see satisfied but unlikely to recommend customers staying as loyal repeat customers.

Read more.

In brief

Vow Financial, an Australian mortgage aggregator for professional broker groups, has a score from its brokers of 92.25.

Luminet, which offers organisations enterprise-class connectivity, communications, computing and security services, has a score of 36.

The app store for business applications out of Denmark, Lasso Excite, has an NPS of 65.

CoverHound, a car insurance shopping platform has a more than satisfactory 75.

And lastly Treebo Hotels in India comes in with a strong 60.

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