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Recapping the Net Promoter Summit 2014

Blog by Ian Luck
February 14, 2018

On October 8th and 9th, 60+ CustomerGauge users, partners and staff came together at the Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam for the Net Promoter Summit 2014. This year's event was geared towards getting the most out of your NPS program and achieving "NPS greatness". The expertise in the room was vast and attendees shared numerous insights and user experiences, which surely made the event one for the books. Here is a brief overview:

P1020281-001Day 1: Workshop time

Just like last year, Iris Hochsticher and her client operations team led workshops to help users achieve maximum ROI on their use of the CustomerGauge system, showed them an overview of the things that changed during the past year, a teaser of things to come and there were interactive sessions to learn from fellow-users.

Day 2: Main event

camillaAfter short introductions from all present companies, speakers from Wolters Kluwer, Electrolux, Black Duck, PVH and Simcorp shared best practices in their Net Promoter programs and use of the CustomerGauge platform. To encourage an atmosphere of open sharing, the event was governed by the Chatham House Rule, in which participants are permitted to use the information presented but not disclose the source. In the spirit of this rule, we'll stick to brief highlights of the presentations:

On product development and innovation:

On making NPS the input of change:

On taking NPS to the retail floor:

CustomerGauge presentation

P1020957CustomerGauge CEO Adam Dorrell walked the audience through an overview of the most important changes of the past 12 months, like the Hierarchy report, the Report Designer and the Email Editor.

Adam highlighted the importance of thanking your customers and how the speed of "closing the loop" is becoming critical (as 50% of response from customers come in the first four hours, why make them wait for a week before you get back to them?). To conclude the presentation, he introduced our new NPS Benchmark website and covered the future and vision of the company for the years to come.

Note: In the next few days, we will publish a summary of benchmarks that our Data Scientist Roy Chandra shared during the event. 


P1020986As a wrap-up for this very inspiring event, Jørgen Bo Christensen, client experience manager for Simcorp, took the stage to give some final food for thought. For years, Simcorp has been one of our leading clients pushing the envelope by looking for ways to maximize their NPS efforts. And one of the things keeping many a customer experience manager, including Christensen, awake is proving an ROI of their NPS efforts. However difficult this proves to be, Christensen was able to show a clear correlation between the two.

Next year

Lastly, we'd like to thank all the participants of the 10+ countries that attended this great event. On request, we can provide attendees with videos of the presentations.

We hope the event was as valuable and thought-provoking to you, as it was to us. Next year will undoubtedly be even bigger and better. So we hope to see you there!

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