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Silent Running: Automatically looking after your best e-commerce customers

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

There is a moving final scene in the 1971 film Silent Running. Bruce Dern sets his robot adrift in a spacecraft to tend the last remaining plant specimens from Earth. Although it's 40 years old, this image of a machine trusted to look after living organisms inspired recent films like WALL*E, and was perhaps a foretaste of our current age with machines looking after our health, even agricultural robots starting to grow our food.

Not so much of a stretch then to imagine a system that could look after your customers?

It's a theme we have been developing - we recently wrote about a Simple Customer Rescue and Reward Plan and followed it with a webinar "The Loyalty Robot": Learn how to increase customer loyalty and grow online sales automatically.

We wanted to share our current thinking on how you can build "robotic" systems to enhance the e-commerce customer experience. The key elements:

    • automated customer surveys to understand voice-of-customer and Net Promoter® Score in real-time
    • automated customer segmentation by lifetime value
    • automated customer segmentation by loyalty (using Net Promoter Score)
    • process to help customers needing immediate response
    • clustering customer issues together for longer-term strategic fix
    • close-loop monitoring of results (Net Promoter Score and other metrics)
    • Responding to customers with updates on your actions

You could roll-your-own solution, but we believe CustomerGauge has all the parts you need to start this now - and we have proof points from our major e-commerce clients including Canon, Philips and Vodafone.

It's all in a presentation you can download here: Building your own e-commerce Loyalty Robot (PDF, 8Mb) - or you can watch/listen to the archived webinar here.

Download the presentation "Loyalty Robot"

When you are ready to add some "Silent Running" on your e-commerce site, we would be delighted to help you.

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