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Survey Idols: SAP Net Promoter Survey

Blog by Adam Dorrell
February 14, 2018

Customer Survey Idols Survey Idols: SAP now using NPS as part of their management DNA it seems. I was passed an invitation for their annual CRM Net Promoter Survey - here is an extract to help establish best practice (names changed to protect the innocent):

"In 2007 we established the CRM dedicated Net Promoter survey ... We were able to get great insights from the initial survey, so we have now established this survey as a key part of our product management process. We greatly appreciate your feedback and encourage you to participate. You might have already received an email for this year's CRM Net Promoter survey, which is just running. The invitation comprised a direct link to the online questionnaire and was sent from the following e-mail address: CRM Net Promoter Survey - details
When? Through Mid-April 2008.
Who? All CRM customers who made any form of experience with SAP CRM are invited to provide their feedback. XXXX Company is conducting the survey on behalf of SAP.
Why? We are committed to listening to our customers. As part of that commitment the CRM Organization has established a Net Promoter survey to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction with our CRM solutions and services. The information collected will be reviewed and acted upon as part of our continuous efforts to improve the products and services we offer. For example, your feedback from the prior survey has already impacted our latest CRM 2007 product release and future plans as well.
How? The questionnaire should take no longer than 15 minutes and you can choose to remain anonymous. The flow of questions are personalized depending on your experience with our CRM products, so only questions relevant to you are posed.If you are lacking the personalized link to the questionnaire included in the invitation email, or if you would like to register yourself or a colleague for the survey participation, please contact XXXX. Make use of this genuine channel, we will make use of your feedback. Thank you and regards, [Name]"
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