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Town without Pity: Mooresville tracks satisfaction with NPS

Mooresville TribuneRead how the town of Mooresville, North Carolina surveyed thousands of residents, and asked "Would you recommend this town to others?". They adopted the Net Promoter Score (NPS) concept to measure satisfaction, and although scoring a +3 (down from last years +4) they are tracking the score annually and looking for ways to improve. Results in a nutshell: improve facilities for minorities.The article explains that NPS is a "tough scoring system" and that the scores can't be compared to other companies due to different questions, and would be hard-pressed to find other towns using Net Promoter against which it could judge its performance. There is a also a link to a useful presentation outlining the method and full results.The NPS survey must have been a harder sell to the town council than the usual "Rate your satisfaction on 0 - 10" scale, so kudos to Mr Wexelbaum of Strategy Support Associates for pushing it through, and the council for having the bravery to face up to some possible negative criticism.Let's hope some other towns will be willing adopt the same methodology.Source: Mooresville Tribune - Minorities here feel 'disconnected,' survey shows (Update 10/2013 - link has been removed at source)Full survey results

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