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Turn NPS into High Retention with CustomerGauge’s New KPI Dashboard

Blog by Roy Chandra
February 14, 2018

We recently unveiled our new mobile-optimized Net Promoter® reporting suite with cutting-edge retention and Monetized Net Promoter features. Today, we are excited to announce that we are adding a brand new KPI Dashboard to our suite of reporting.

The CustomerGauge KPI Dashboard is a must have for all Program Managers. It will give you and your organization a bird's eye view of the key metrics you need to stay on top of your customer loyalty and retention. This pre-built reporting template is ready to use and easy to customize to suite your organization’s need.


We all know that a detractor is more likely to leave, but few companies measure if they do … especially in their Net Promoter solution. CustomerGauge’s customizable KPI Dashboard focuses on four “must-track” areas:

  • Customer engagement (Listen)
  • Customer loyalty (Analyze)
  • Closing the loop (Act)
  • Retention/Churn (Grow)

KPI DashboardThis follows our “Measure-Act-Grow” philosophy, where “Listen and Analyze” fall under the “Measure” stage.

Listen—Customer Engagement

We’re a big believer in taking advantage of the “Voice of Customer”. With the KPI Dashboard, you can get an overview of your customer engagement. You can also track the number of customers you are reaching out to, your overall response rate as well as what’s working in your campaign and what’s not working in your campaign.

Understanding whether you are reaching your audience will help you increase response rates, gain more actionable feedback, and steer your future surveys moving forward.

Analyze—Customer Loyalty

Once you are able to properly communicate with your customers, it’s time to assess whether they’re in danger of leaving you or whether they are a brand advocate.

In the KPI Dashboard, you can use the Net Promoter Score, customer comments, and key drivers to track your customer loyalty and VoC. The key drivers in your surveys can help you understand what areas drive your customer retention or churn.

Act—Closing the Loop

It’s not just the score, it’s what you do with it. After surveying your customers, it’s important to act on the data that you receive. We recommend that all detractor issues are solved fast! We call this process “closing the loop”.

The KPI Dashboard shows how quickly your team takes to close the loop overall or by loyalty, and the status of current issues that still need to be addressed by employees.


A whopping 25% of executives don’t know their own retention rate. With the KPI Dashboard, you can easily track your revenue retention overtime.

We believe it’s extremely important to stay on top of these numbers and know the impact your NPS and customer experience initiatives are having on your bottom line.

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