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Why Being Net Promoter® Certified is a Must in Today's CX World

Blog by Ian Luck
August 19, 2020

This week we sat down with Jørgen Bo Christensen, CustomerGauge’s VP of Research & Professional Services and course instructor of the CustomerGauge NPS® Certification Course. Jørgen is passionate about customer-centric growth and in particular how to turn Net Promoter into higher revenue. He has built and managed Net Promoter® programs as well as retention and referral programs across his seasoned career.

Jørgen discussed some of the benefits that come with being NPS certified in today’s CX world and offered some great tips for everyone who is about to take the CustomerGauge NPS® Certification exam.

Hope you enjoy!

Cvetilena Gocheva: Why Get Certified?

Jørgen Chr.:

I believe the course provides equally important benefits for people throughout a company - from those who have recently started with NPS, to those who have been NPS practitioners for years. For example, NPS beginners can think of the course as an interactive content to provide them with the foundation for a successful Net Promoter program. The same is applicable for long-term NPS practitioners, who can also use the certification course to test and prove their gained NPS knowledge, turn it into a career path and add to their CV.

Here’re a quick overview of the reasons why you should to get certified:

  • Be recognized in your career as a customer experience & NPS expert and enhance your CV, LinkedIn and email signature with certification badges

  • Master the ins & outs of the Net Promoter System®

  • Learn the basics of customer loyalty and experience & find out how to make your NPS program successful

Cvetilena G.: Who should be certified?

Jørgen Chr.:

The certification is designed for people driving customer experience initiatives in their company such as improving customer retention and referral business.

And in a world where there’s a lack of CX university degree programs or even rigorous CX training offerings, a certification course like this one offers core skills needed to initiate and orchestrate end-to-end CX & NPS projects.

Cvetilena G.: Would you advise to certify the whole team?

Jørgen Chr.:

It depends what you mean by the “whole team”. The most common setup we see—and one that we recommend—is to have a central Net Promoter team in combination with “appointed” Net Promoter ambassadors throughout the organization. The central Net Promoter team is responsible for the program and the ambassadors are “local” employees that help set up and run the program in their units.

Anyone in the central team will definitely benefit from being certified since they are the pool of CX knowledge in the company. We do however also see ambassadors being certified, especially in companies where customer experience management is a strategic focus and employees are encouraged to improve experiences.

Should everyone in a company be certified? No, of course not. A lot of employees just need to know what a customer experience is, what Net Promoter is and how to deal with customer feedback.

Cvetilena G.: What others are saying about the certification course?

Jørgen Chr.:

The overall feedback we’ve received is really positive. I’m especially pleased about a few of our most experienced customers telling me that the course is rich on knowledge and best practices. Being told that the course contains knowledge that even experienced people didn’t know, makes building the course worthwhile.

Cvetilena G.:  Can you tell us what kind of questions should we expect in the final exam?

Jørgen Chr.:

Well, the questions cover all 6 units consisting of 23 sessions, so don’t just jump to the final exam in the course. Some questions are straight-forward, but may take some time to answer, others require analytical capabilities.

A question could for instance be: (note that we don’t ask this in the final exam):

Part of running a Net Promoter program is to set targets for the next period, for instance the next year. Which Key Performance Indicator (KPI) do you usually NOT set targets for according to best practices?

  • The Net Promoter Score

  • The speed of closing the loop

  • The retention rate

  • The response rate

  • The share of responses with comments

  • The share of customers being surveyed

  • The increase in up- and cross sales?

  • The share of customers you closed the loop for

  • Number of referrals

Cvetilena G.: Email us with your thoughts on the right answer at

Cvetilena G.: Can you share some tips on passing the final exam?

Jørgen Chr.:

Yes, but first a warning: It’s not a simple exam. Some people had to take 2 or 3 attempts before passing it. So ...

  • Read the questions carefully and trust your judgement for multiple choice questions.

  • Reference the slides and transcripts when taking the practice tests.

  • Take the test. You get four chances to pass so don’t despair if you don’t pass it the first time.

  • And have a calculator with you.

Also, don’t forget - you can download the transcripts for each class to help you study.


If you’d like to learn more about the course curriculum, visit the “Course Outline” here:

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