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Are You Missing Customer Churn Signals And Not Even Realizing It?

August 17, 2023

It’s imperative to stay connected with customers and on top of customer engagement; that’s a given. But how do account managers in the high-touch enterprise world do that easily?

How do they know if the overall engagement, both from their side and their customer’s side, is on track?

Well, a common response one receives is, “It’s all in the CRM system! We log all our activities there, push all the customer feedback we receive there, and look, we even got the list of opportunities and support tickets.”

That’s great!

But can you combine all the streams of information and tell quickly which ones need urgent attention?

Which ones have you missed engaging with or not received any Net Promoter Score (NPS) feedback from? Or which ones have you been receiving a lot of support tickets from but not realizing because of data silos?

Which ones look as empty as this one from an activity standpoint?

Or this?


While CRM systems carry lots of important information, it's hard for account managers, customer experience (CX) professionals, and department heads to get a quick view of the vital retention signals across all accounts and customer touchpoints.

That's why we're sharing the solution that makes it easy plus the top five customer signals to track.

5 Customer Account Retention Signals to Track

Trust me, I can tell you from experience that it is so easy to miss the obvious because we are looking at lists of data, and before you know it, you have been blindsided.

That is why at CustomerGauge, we focused on expanding our capabilities to provide account managers the ability to get one complete overview of the “vital signals” of retention in combination with customer experience data.

With CustomerGauge’s Account Vitals, account managers are in the driver's seat, proactively tracking customer engagement activities (or lack thereof), thus giving them the ability to react quickly to “white space” before it is too late.

In addition, the single view of accounts stacked ranked by revenue makes it easy for senior management to...

  • Stay on top of high-revenue customers
  • Understand patterns
  • And predict if any accounts are at risk of churning due to a lack of engagement from either the customer or organization's side (or both!)

So, what are the vital customer signals of account retention that a B2B organization should be tracking? Here are the top 5 from our perspective.

#1. NPS Engagement

Track that you are surveying all your customers at a regular cadence and that they are responding to your feedback invitations.

This gives you an opportunity to understand if there is a gap in your surveying process and also why customers are not engaging with you if you do not receive any feedback. This information is automatically fed to your timeline by your CustomerGauge system.

#2. CRM Activities

Track the level of your day-to-day customer engagements including meetings, calls, and any additional activities that an account manager conducts with their customers. This will help you understand if you have enough customer touches from your organization's side.

This information is fed in from your CRM system(s).

#3. Business Reviews

Track your customer business review schedule separately from your other CRM activities.

Have you conducted all the business reviews as per schedule? Which customers are missing their business review meetings and why? This information is fed in from your CRM system(s).

#4. Support Tickets

Track the number of support requests that are being received for the customer. Does the trend look like a healthy engagement or leaning towards the lines of frustration? Or are they never reaching out for support at all? This information is fed in from your Support system(s).

#5. Login Activities

If you are a SaaS platform, track if your users are logging in and which accounts have more engagement than others. This information is fed in from your product analytics system(s).

In addition to the above, organizations can also choose to track an account's engagement with marketing emails, the community, the academy, and opportunities using the Account Vitals.

This powerful, yet easy-to-use real-time reporting view empowers account managers, breaks data silos across teams, and assists organizations with staying on top of customer churn signals that may have previously been missed.

If you would like to see CustomerGauge's Account Vitals in action or know more about how this can help your organization, you can request a demo here!

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