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The Best Customer Journey Mapping Training Course for B2B

February 29, 2024

Your customer’s journey, the entire experience people have when doing business with you, is as important as the product or service they buy from you.

A major global study found 91% of customers agree that positive customer experience (CX) makes them more likely to purchase again. At the same time, 69% of customers prioritize convenience over brand loyalty while the average B2B churn rate sits well above 10% across most industries.

What’s alarming is that many B2B companies are unaware of the exact experience they’re delivering because they’re not paying enough attention to the customer’s journey.

The CustomerGauge Academy Customer Journey Mapping training course shows you how to document your customer’s experience and optimize it to grow your business.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the best customer journey mapping training course for B2B experiences, let’s take a closer look at what customer journey mapping is and why it’s important for your business.

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What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of each interaction a customer has with your organization when they do business with you. Mapping is the process of documenting those interactions as touchpoints along the path of engagement.

Identifying all of the touchpoints, from before a customer makes a purchase to long after they have walked out the door, helps businesses understand their entire customer’s experience in detail.

This level of detail helps businesses strategically tweak and tune your customer’s experience so you can improve it.

Customer journey maps change as the business learns how to optimize touch points. Each organization’s journey map will be different from the next, depending on their industry and offering.

Most people also have different perceptions of customer journey maps. During the CustomerGauge onboarding process, every employee is a student of CustomerGauge Academy.

One exercise they have to complete is creating a customer journey map for the company and what they think that looks like.

Here’s an example:

CustomerGauge Customer Journey Map

Note the minimal level of detail for each touch point. It simply notes what the touchpoint is and when it occurs along the customer’s path of engagement.

When mapping customer journeys, it’s important to note all touchpoints even if you’re not 100% sure of the exact process around them.

Keeping your customer journey map simple from the outset makes the mapping process easier and encourages its development as you learn from your customers’ feedback.

Each of these interactions determines the level of satisfaction customers feel when doing business with you. A study by Harvard Business Review of two different billion-dollar companies showed customers with better past experiences spent 140% more than customers with poor past experiences — just one example of the impact CX has on revenue.

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Customer Journey

Often, organizations look at customers from the point of view of how they fit into their business processes. Customer journey mapping turns that on its head to look at the broad context of human interactions and how your organization fits into customers’ lives.

Understanding your customer journey in detail exposes common pain points and areas of friction that lower satisfaction.

This is important as it gives organizations the necessary information to create the experiences customers want. Gartner predicts organizations that meet customers where, when, and how they want to be met will outperform their competition by 50% by 2026.

In this way, your journey maps can help you drive revenue growth. In fact, research by Bain & Co. research found that customer-centric businesses grew revenue by 4–8% above their market.

As Cary mentions notes in The Account Experience podcast Why Your Journey Map Should Be Ugly,

“When we’re talking about being customer-centric or account-centric, I think what’s vital is understanding that everything you’re doing should benefit the customer experience. In that, there are departments that own different journey points, there are different places where you engage with your customer, your account, your client — and I think [those are] the most important parts of the journey.
What a lot of companies do is, instead of identifying those points from a customer perspective, they immediately make it product-centric and they look at themselves internally. Then the journey becomes a map for what they’re doing and it’s not really customer-centric. So you need to look at your journey map — if each of those journey points is not customer-centric, if they are not benefiting the customer, get rid of them.”

What to Look For in a Customer Journey Mapping Course

So, what makes a customer journey mapping training course right for you and your business?

Three central factors should influence your decision when considering if a customer journey mapping course is worth your time and investment.

  • An approach to customer journeys that makes sense for your business. B2B customer journeys are intrinsically different from B2C journeys. More people are involved in the decisions for businesses to buy a product or service and each person within a business account influences how long that account will be faithful to your company.

At CustomerGauge, we’ve found a way to map your B2B customer journey through Account Experience (AX). Our unique methodology allows you to tie your customer’s journey directly to growth and revenue.

  • A knowledgeable and inspiring coach. Your trainer needs to know what they’re teaching inside and out. Their lessons should inspire confidence and teach you the strategies needed to develop and refine your customer journey maps.

Cary T. Self has real-life experience creating and developing customer journey maps for B2B and B2C companies. He understands the hurdles and pitfalls of getting it right. After implementing many CX/AX programs, this course includes all of the fundamentals of customer journey mapping and shows how it can be used to drive business growth.

  • Certification of your training. CustomerGauge offers recognized accreditation for learners who complete their customer journey mapping training course. This certification is important for anyone wishing to progress or enhance their career in CX.

CustomerGauge’s Customer Journey Mapping Training Course

CustomerGauge’s platinum courses give learners an in-depth understanding of what customer journey maps are and the vital role they play in your AX or Net Promoter program. It’s a powerful first step for managers creating, implementing, or managing a B2B CX program.

Course breakdown:

The course begins with a short introduction to Customer Journey Mapping and the core content is split into three segments:

  • a) Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping covers why customer journey maps are important, what they are, and the various kinds of customer journey maps.

  • b) How to Create a Customer Journey Map covers how customer journeys are mapped, the difference between simple and complex journey touchpoints, and provides examples of customer journey maps for different businesses. Additional content covers the business’s journey to customer-centricity.

  • c) Using a Customer Journey Map explores how to use a customer journey map and align it to surveys, improve customer experiences and master omnichannel customer experiences. The course finishes with a quiz that helps learners embed the lessons they have covered.


  • Sixteen PDF files containing case studies and transcriptions for each module

  • One practice quiz for learners to test their customer mapping knowledge

  • Cost: $99

  • Duration: 1 hour of course content; 2 additional hours of supplemental content.

How You’ll Learn

Each segment of the course has a number of on-demand video sessions that are supported with PDF files to download or view downloaded directly from your browser.

Each lesson also has the option to “Start a Discussion” and ask questions as you progress through the course.

At the end of the course, learners take a quiz to test how well they’ve absorbed the knowledge shared which helps them embed the essential concepts of customer journey mapping. Learners can alsoo access the quiz directly from the “Quiz Builder” tab rather than waiting until the end to test their understanding.

Meet Your Instructor

The Customer Journey Mapping course is designed by Cary who we’ve notably mentioned, CustomerGauge’s Global VP of Education and Program Development.

Not many know, but Cary was a CustomerGauge customer for three years before joining the CustomerGauge team — an incredibly unique opportunity for us as he already knew CustomerGauge inside and out, and saw the gaps in CX education he could fill from the outside in.

Cary believes that each person within an organization plays a role in creating delightful customer journeys:

“We need to empower the individual who's pushing [the customer experience program] up. There's always one person who's really the champion of it. But then we also discovered that we needed to influence some other areas. Just like Account Experience is dynamic with multiple levels, we also need to impact senior leadership.” Cary T. Self

Cary’s dedication to empowering champions with the best customer experience knowledge and methods is evident in the design and content of Customer Journey Mapping.

Let’s hear from Cary on the importance of education to your businesses’ culture:


The “Customer Journey Mapping” course provides learners with the comprehensive knowledge needed to create, develop, and use customer maps for their organization’s benefit. The course doesn’t assume the viewer has prior knowledge of any of the core concepts. Each segment builds upon the last and begins with the foundation needed to build a firm understanding of this topic and eventually put it into practice.

The hours of supporting material allow learners to delve deeper into this topic and the methods used to build customer journey maps. There are no formal prerequisites for the course.

Is the Customer Journey Mapping Course Right for You?

Businesses that meet their customers where, when, and how they want will see their market share and revenue grow.

For any Net Promoter Score (NPS) or AX program to be effective, it must begin with a clear understanding of the customer experience your business already delivers. Only then can you identify the pain points and areas that need to be optimized.

Creating customer experiences that people crave is fast becoming the way to compete in any sector with businesses that lead in customer experience outperform stragglers by almost 80%.

Learn how to become a leader in your sector and sign up for the Customer Journey Mapping course today!

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