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Top Net Promoter Score Training Course & Certification to Grow Your Business

January 4, 2023

Back when the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) framework was launched, organizations had been relying on complex, non-standardized, and often time-consuming models to understand customer loyalty. Different market research firms had their own systems using varied metrics and the results were difficult to interpret.

Then came NPS.

Introduced by Frederik F. Reichheld, a fellow at Bain & Co. and speaker at our recent Monetize! conference, NPS transformed the way businesses understood their customer sentiment.

Now, the Net Promoter Score is regarded as a powerful tool to help brands build loyalty and enable sustainable business growth.

What’s more, CustomerGauge’s The State of B2B Account Experience report revealed that NPS is the most trusted loyalty metric in B2B. Simple to measure and track, Net Promoter programs help organizations improve retention and increase their revenue by turning CX insights into action.

But no one’s expecting you to know how to use it already.

That’s why we built the CustomerGauge Academy course, Net Promoter® NPS to design and execute successful Net Promoter programs that drive growth.

Why Learn and Utilize the Net Promoter Framework

Net Promoter is the gold standard for measuring customer loyalty and improving customer experiences.

Here’s why:

  • Surveys are simple and standardized. NPS is a simple, standardized tool for measuring customer loyalty — this has two primary benefits. Firstly, with over two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using NPS, there’s a wide collection of NPS benchmarks against which you can compare your performance. At the same time, simple surveys encourage higher response rates, meaning that NPS produces more accurate loyalty tracking.

  • NPS provides actionable data. Unlike older customer satisfaction models that relied heavily on intensive statistical analysis, Net Promoter quickly provides actionable insights. With the right surveying techniques and tools, you can conduct NPS surveys that drive action, such as securing customer referrals or improving touchpoints in the customer journey.

  • NPS data can be linked to financial performance. By cross-referencing your NPS scores with financial data including account size and the cost of sentiment drivers, you’ll have the tools you need for growth. For example, fight churn by identifying unsatisfied customers, your NPS detractors, and taking preventative action — we call this Monetized NPS.

  • Identify your ideal customers. NPS helps you find your detractors and promoters, your most and least loyal customers. Promoters tend to be less price sensitive, require less customer service, and are likelier to recommend your brand to peers and buy from you again. NPS can help you increase the proportion of your ideal customers, by winning over detractors and providing the best customer experience that you can.

Here’s more on customer loyalty and using Net Promoter for growth from Cary T. Self, CustomerGauge’s Global VP of Education and Services:

“There are different ways you can ultimately build loyalty. At the end of all that, it's customer lifetime value, it's all about loyalty and emotion. If you're making it harder for customers and not listening to their pain points, you're turning them away.
That's why NPS was so natural for us to use because you can act in the moment quickly. It's an indicator of future growth: will customers refer and bring more business to us?”

CustomerGauge’s Net Promoter Score Training Course & Certification

  • Course Name: Net Promoter® NPS Platinum course

  • Cost: $99

  • Duration: 1 hour of course material with 3 hours of additional content.

The CustomerGauge Academy course, Net Promoter® NPS, provides CX professionals with a foundational knowledge of the Net Promoter framework. You’ll learn why NPS is the most trusted metric in B2B, how it leads to growth, and how every department in your organization can benefit from it.

The course is suitable both for people who are starting their CX careers and seasoned CX professionals looking to implement a Net Promoter program.

Course breakdown:

The Net Promoter® NPS Platinum course is divided into four sections:

1. What is Net Promoter? This section starts by exploring the origin of the Net Promoter framework and strong correlation between a customer’s likelihood to recommend and retention.

You’ll learn how to design and use relationship NPS surveys and what questions to ask to collect actionable insights. Finally, you’ll cover the infamous Net Promoter Score, differences between detractors, passives, and promoters, and the importance of closed-loop feedback.

2. Why Net Promoter? This section starts by exploring the effectiveness of the Net Promoter framework and why it replaced traditional methods of measuring customer loyalty. For example, you’ll discover the type of problems that the Net Promoter solves with different scenarios.

Finally, you’ll be introduced to the Net Promoter System and explore its four elements: Listen, Analyze, Close the Loop, and Optimize.

3. Who Needs Net Promoter? This section begins by providing the learner with actionable advice for securing organizational buy-in, which is crucial for your Net Promoter program’s success. You’ll explore the responsibilities involved in closing the loop at every level: frontline, management, and executive.

The final module discusses how to identify Net Promoter champions, i.e., people from different parts of your organization that can drive change in their respective teams. Finding these champions and bringing them on board is a crucial part of establishing a successful Net Promoter program.

4. How to be Successful with Net Promoter. This section explores effective, tried-and-tested strategies for executing successful Net Promoter programs. It covers how and why you need to establish a sense of urgency within your organization, the importance of creating short-term wins, and how to prevent your NPS program from stalling.

The section also covers the more nuanced aspects of running successful Net Promoter programs like how to deal with adversaries, the importance of over-communicating, and how to deal with internal resistance.


  • Seventeen PDF files containing transcriptions for each module.

  • Practice quizzes for each section.

How You’ll Learn

The four lessons are divided into seventeen modules, which are taught through on-demand video sessions. You can access the videos from the CustomerGauge Academy and download the transcriptions for each module under the “Resources” tab.

You can ask your instructor any questions you have by using the “Ask Question” tab or you can “start a discussion” on a topic. Each of the four sections has an associated quiz which takes place at the end of each section.

Alternatively, you can view all the quizzes directly under the “Quiz Builder” tab.

Meet Your Instructor

The Net Promoter® NPS certification and course is designed by Cary T. Self, CustomerGauge’s Global VP of Education and Services, who also happened to be a CustomerGauge customer for three years before joining the team.


The Net Promoter® NPS course teaches you to set up and leverage a Net Promoter program to act quickly, predict future growth, and bring in more business. And since the Net Promoter® NPS Platinum course is designed to suit even new CX professionals, there are no formal prerequisites for this course.

However, we encourage you to read Fred Reichheld’s last book, “The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World”, to gain some perspective into the transformative potential of the Net Promoter® framework.

Get Started With the Net Promoter Score Training Course & Certification

The Net Promoter® System is a powerful CX tool that not only lets you measure customer loyalty, but also collects actionable insights to drive growth. NPS data helps you accurately identify your most valuable accounts and prioritize them in your loyalty program.

However, a lot goes into making a Net Promoter program successful, like securing organizational buy-in, designing surveys the right way, implementing a closed-loop feedback system, and more — that’s where the Net Promoter® (NPS) Platinum course comes in.

It’s built to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to design and execute an effective loyalty program.

Sign up for the Net Promoter® (NPS) Platinum course today!

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