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The Safe Harbor ruling: A reminder to EU companies about customer privacy

Recently the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that data transfers under the “Safe Harbor” provision are invalid.

What does this ruling mean for CustomerGauge's customers?

For the last 15 years Safe Harbor allowed US companies to expedite data transfers of EU citizens from their EU to US servers. However, in the US, unlike the EU, it is possible to obtain court orders to seize data on US servers. But the ECJ has now ruled that Safe Harbour violates EU citizens’ fundamental rights to privacy and data protection.

While the Safe Harbor ruling is good news for EU citizens, it reminds us all that customer data stored on US servers is not safe from being accessed.

[caption id="attachment_16447" align="aligncenter" width="360"]server-e1444382062138.png CustomerGauge is hosting customer data around the globe.[/caption]

At CustomerGauge, we maintain for our European clients a server cluster in the EU, which is an end-to-end data chain, meaning customer data never passes through anything but our EU servers.

So if privacy is important to you, play close attention to what servers your customer data flows through.

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