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The World's Only Monetized Net Promoter Software

Monetize to prove ROI. Go beyond a heritage Net Promoter System® and start monetizing your customer experience and Net Promoter program. Learn how our Measure-Act-Grow methodology has helped companies achieve profitable growth with their current customer base.


The Monetized Net Promoter Difference

Heritage Net Promoter was originally created to only address the process of measuring customer feedback and closed loop processes. The Monetized Net Promoter System does this and much more—adding revenue figures to the process of measuring and acting on feedback to provide strategic insights into a company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Monetize Net Promoter

Opportunity Calls with Monetized Net Promoter

The opportunities were always there, but now you have the tools to grab them. Find the value in monetizing your Net Promoter program:

✓ Prove that Net Promoter Score® is a driver of revenue
✓ Segment customers based on revenue and Net Promoter Score
✓ Identify more precisely which accounts are worth the most effort


Your Monetized Journey Starts Here


Measure Feedback

Create beautiful surveys that customers will want to answer and track responses in real-time using powerful analytics coupled with a robust reporting platform.

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Act in Real-Time

Inaction breeds churn. With automatic email escalation, comprehensive case tracking and one-touch mobile notifications, companies can close the loop faster than ever before.

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Grow Your Base

Harness the power of your promoters! Manage reputations and maximize social reach with online reviews. Leverage up-sells, cross-sells and referrals with our unmatched growth suite.

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Monetized Net Promoter

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