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How Engro's CX Program Helped Grow Their Top-Line by 17%

August 1, 2023
"You've got to believe that if you want to be successful, you will have to work on your customer success. Because their success, is your success."

Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd. was founded as a fertilizer business in 1965 and has since grown into the sole chemical manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin in Pakistan.

A subsidiary of Engro Corporation with over 2,600 employees, they are one of Pakistan’s largest and most diversified conglomerates. The company’s vision is to become a globally competitive PVC producer, and they are well on their way.

Adam Dorrell, CEO & Co-Founder of CustomerGauge recently interviewed Muhammad Idrees, Chief Commercial Officer at Engro, and when asked how can you make selling a commodity different? He answered: "Simple — make it a great experience."

The business has had customer-centricity rooted in their culture since the beginning, continuously proud to see customers succeed. But they wanted a more formal customer experience (CX) program to dig into feedback and ensure everyone felt heard.

Enter CustomerGauge.

After a few years of working with our Account Experience (AX) software and methodology, Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd. had a world-class program in their hands.

Engro has since achieved...

  • The AX Award for their 99% account response rate two years in a row
  • A near 100% contact response rate
  • 16% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) improving from 64 to 84
  • 8% increase in closed-loop rate
  • and a 17% increase in the top-line growth of the organization as a direct result of their NPS program!

The team at Engro is as positive as they are determined, and this is only the beginning.

Adam noted, "They've built a very special Account Experience program with some of the highest levels of customer engagement I've seen in 15 years."

Let's dive into their story a bit deeper.

The Customer Is In Their DNA

The name Engro comes from ENergy for GROwth, as they continue to enable the growth of their customers with their business. Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd.'s main operation is the manufacturing and selling of PVC.

While the name may sound super scientific, PVC is everywhere we look from piping to debit and credit cards. It's also an important material for the Healthcare and Hospitality industry.

"We're very clear with our branding practices. And we want to take this business to a global level, not only increasing the share in Pakistan but also taking a major share in the international export market, both for the PVC resin and PVC downstream value-added branded products from Pakistan," said Muhammad.

Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd. has a unique stance in the market as they're the only PVC resin manufacturers in Pakistan, so they have a major experience to uphold for their B2B customers.

They work directly with a wide range of manufacturers including product, cable, window, door, and flooring manufacturers, and then others such as distributors and retailers.

Close the Loop, Even If You Can Only Listen

Engro began working with CustomerGauge to give customers the opportunity to provide feedback. This, in turn, has allowed their customers to feel heard by the Engro team.

Muhammad shared, "We started using CustomerGauge [to measure] the NPS score. It provided us with a methodical sort of platform to seek feedback from customers. And customers [also understand] that this is one of the most effective and meaningful ways of giving feedback"

Receiving feedback from customers was extremely important to Engro when they first began, however, they quickly learned the importance of closing the loop on it as well.

A World-Class CX Program Built With CustomerGauge

Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd.'s thorough understanding of what great customer experiences can do for a business has helped them develop a world-class program.

So much so, they have received the Account Experience Award for two years running for their impressive account response rates.

If you're getting a high account response rate, that means you're dealing with customers who are engaged with you in a positive manner — that's really important.

On the mechanic side of it, our key Account team, Commercial Excellence team, digitalization gurus and Social Media team all work together and send these surveys to our customers and then get their feedback, said Muhammad.

Muhammad also noted that once you start building trust with your customers, the relationship you have with them only continues to get better, and eventually becomes incredibly beneficial to the business.

As mentioned above, Engro has some seriously impressive CX metrics thanks to their successful CX program.

After hearing Engro's inspiring success story, Adam wanted Muhammad to share a few tips on how teams can stay engaged and motivated.

Muhammad explained, "We really believe that the customers are the only reason that we exist... and you have to have that positive thinking and feeling about your customers in the most sincere way.
So, once you have it, you start emitting that to your customers — they can feel that vibe from your body language that this is the guy who works and acts to make me successful, more than his own success. You build that kind of relationship with your customer when you're able to get their blind trust; everything starts from the belief."

Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd.'s achievements so far have made a huge impact on the business, and they're nowhere near done!

The next goals are to expand their business and portfolio internationally, win the Account Experience Award for account response rate for the third year in a row, and become the leading B2B company to benchmark against for their industry.

It's Your Turn to Grow With Account Experience

Our favorite part of working so closely with our customers is hearing their success stories year after year. We know how powerful a customer experience program can be for businesses, especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space — can you believe everything Engro has already accomplished?

The next story to inspire our community is yours. Reach out to our team today with any questions you have regarding our Account Experience software!

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