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How SuperOffice CRM is Continuously Improving Their Experience Program

Blog by Ian Luck
June 28, 2021

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Getting the Frontline On Board

One of the keys to implementing NPS is to get the frontline staff on board. 

But doing that isn’t so easy when everyone’s plate is already full. 

“We're we get another thing on our shoulders–how do we handle that?” says Hans. 

The solution? Strategic planning and a little-by-little approach to integrating NPS into your program. 

“Implementing NPS was a real exercise in planning,” explains Hans. “We created an algorithm that helps us keep organized. When we get responses to our daily surveys, that response is immediately dispatched to the account manager and the CX manager.”

In terms of implementing NPS over the long haul, the best approach is to grow it slowly. “Spread everything out,” says Hans. “Take it day by day, little by little.”

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Talk About NPS

To sustain Net Promoter System as a value in the organization, you’ve got to talk about it.

Or, you’ve got to find somebody who will talk about it. 

“You need somebody in the organization that will be an internal promoter,” says Hans. “They should talk about it all the time, follow up, and be present in different meetings.”

Ultimately, this kind of behavior generates buy-in across the board–even if it takes time. 

“You need to get the buy-in from the managers, the CEO, and those who close the loop. We have buy-in across the board. But in the beginning, it was difficult,” says Hans. 

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Get Feedback from the Frontline

Your frontline is one of your most powerful assets. That’s why Hans makes sure to actually engage with frontline employees.

“We see all the feedback, but we don't hear the problems and the challenges that they have,” says Hans. “I love going out there and, and inspiring them.”

Interacting with frontline employees can also bolster the culture. 

“The culture is about winning new business and celebrating success,” says Hans. “Going out to the trenches and talking to them helps keep them excited.”

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Always Think About the Next Experience

Ultimately, NPS is a tool to keep in mind at all times. In other words, what kinds of actions and improvements to your product or experience will increase NPS from the next experience?

“Whatever you do–whether you design products, services, or customer experiences–you do it for the NPS,” says Hans. “That’s ‘the golden rule.’’”

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Building a Net Promoter System with CustomerGauge

Today, SuperOffice has 6,000 customers across Europe–with an account manager and customer experience expert attached to every customer. 

SuperOffice values customer experience...and they’re strategic about making sure to meet (and exceed) customer expectations. 

To help them succeed, they use CustomerGauge’s Account Experience program to help them build a strategic, data-driven program that works. To learn more about Account Experience (and how you can get a free demo), click here.

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