Close the loop

Be warned about unhappy customers

Closing the loop

When a disgruntled customer tells you about his dissatisfaction, it’s your task to follow up. To make that job easier, alerts can be triggered automatically by email, in external CRM or support systems and even on mobile devices with a dedicated app.

Assign cases to the right person

Create workflows and assign cases to the most relevant staff, based on different criteria. For example, complaints about customer support from detractors can be routed to the Head of Customer Service.

Track and resolve all cases

Users can track the progress of opened cases by marking the status of cases and record comments and important information. This allows companies to manage the process of following up with customers to ensure that each and every problem is resolved.

Track how quickly you follow up

Commitment to serve your customer is proven in how fast you follow up with dissatisfied customers. To track how well staff is closing cases and following up on issues, reports with KPI’s can be created.

Close the Loop Like a Pro

In this groundbreaking eBook, learn why closing the loop is important, what it should achieve and the best practices associated with a successful implementation.


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