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“Hands down the best vehicle for client feedback I have ever used!”


“One of the main reasons why we selected Net Promoter at Areas is that it’s a true voice of the guest. It measures satisfaction, and it measure the guest loyalty and investment with us…We are now driven by what the guest is saying.”


“Now that we have access to the right tools to drive change in the organization, I’m looking forward to deliver-ing an improved customer experience.”


“Employees can see it and they can pick up the phone and talk to the customer, and employee engagement is going up because of that. It’s making people’s lives a bit more meaningful because they are seeing directly from these customer comments and scores that ‘hey, we make a difference.”

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With around 24,000 employees serving millions of customers globally, bringing the Voice of Customer into the organisation in a structured way is a vital strategy to identify the root cause of customer issues and ensure customer-centricity at all levels of the organisation.

The company previously worked closely with intermediaries to provide products to be sold to end customers. But in recent times, this has changed, and Aegon is increasingly dealing directly with customers – something that was a direct factor in choosing to partner with CustomerGauge.

The organisation has embedded the CustomerGauge platform across 47 departments, where it is enabling Aegon to automatically alert staff to customer issues, identify root causes, and track trends. A particularly interesting point to note is that Aegon is an early adopter of the CustomerGauge Hierarchy Report – using this feature to monitor Net Promoter performance across different departments, teams and even down to individual level.

“The world is changing, technology is changing, customers are changing, and we’re transforming from a product-driven company who served intermediaries to a customer driven organisation, which serves the real customer,”

Han de Ruijter – Chief Customer Officer at Aegon


“One of the best vendors I have worked with in a 25 year career. Always hits deliverables and rarely makes mistakes. Very technically competent.”

Also for H&R Block, the CustomerGauge powered program helps them understand their Net Promoter Score, retain customers and helps with referrals using our review system – with tens of thousands of reviews!


Volume, leaders in Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence and an award-winning global provider of Digital Content wanted to move away from boardroom praise and focus on true feedback that could drive their business forward. They are now, from designer to account manager, 100% aligned with their customer.

In 2013, Volume wanted to make sure they had a company-wide assessment of how their clients were doing. Moving away from the ad hoc comments and feedback from the pitch, they strived towards a genuine view of the business. The positives and the negatives – knowing what can drive their business towards perfection.

Apart from increasing their NPS score from 28 to 67, Volume uses CustomerGauge to aid in their most important business decisions. From hiring strategy to adjusting creativity, the voice of the customer affects every decision throughout the company. Account Directors are delivered a full summary of the feedback, which is directly used in account planning.

“The change was instant. Less so in client facing roles – but certainly deeper in the business”

Miles Beacroft – Head of Client Services & CCO at Volume


In 2013 Alphabet implemented a Net Promoter System® powered by CustomerGauge. Three short years later, they’re the number one leasing company in the Netherlands and have increased their NPS by 22 points.


In 2013, Alphabet started their implementation of the leading B2B customer retention platform CustomerGauge. As a mobility provider with an extensive list of third party partners, their greatest challenge was ensuring their overall customer experience met the high expectations and standards of the Alphabet employees and management.


Three years later, Alphabet have increased their NPS by 22 points, implemented measurements on 7 high traffic touchpoints,  and won a coveted award proclaiming them the ‘best leasing company of the Netherlands 2015/2016’.

Read more about the program on the CustomerFirst news site (in Dutch)

“CustomerGauge allowed us to accomplish this by providing us with a state of the art NPS-system, reacting quickly to our questions and giving us proactive tips for improvement. A success, as CustomerGauge is now Alphabet’s international provider!”

Marc Bloemraad – Marketer at Alphabet


“We have moved beyond claiming to be a customer-centric organisation – now we have the evidence to back it up.”

Read more about the CustomerGauge powered CCH Customer Experience Journey.


“CustomerGauge’s strength is to find the right balance of powerful analytics and usability.”

CustomerGauge power the feedback system for Kuoni and publish customer reviews

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