Tie your NPS program to revenue!

Use the Voice of the Customer to promote growth!

Achieve Customer Success Through the Power of Data

Data is power! Use a combination of CRM, revenue, and loyalty data to find hidden insights like the impact each customer has on your revenue, instant loyalty assessment for quick action, and details on the state of your existing accounts.

Grow Your Fanbase and Save At-Risk Accounts

Get a bird’s eye view of your accounts. Using SWOT analysis, monitor your accounts and identify high risk customers, potential for growth, and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Activate Promoters

Tap into your promoters and take advantage of word of mouth. Setup referral programs to encourage and reward your customers for spreading the good news.

Streamline your sales processes for improved performance!

Learn and Grow From Your Deals

Gain insight into your wins and losses. Optimize your sales process using the Win/Loss review tool. Companies who use the Win/Loss Review tool show a 60% retention rate compared to 48% for non-users.

Identify Key Success Factors to Improve

Get a broader picture of your brand, products and sales process to engineer past losses into future wins.

Learn more about Win-Loss Reviews

Analyze the Drivers of Loyalty

Read between the lines! Find the hidden insights in customer feedback to determine what’s driving your customers away with the official NPS Handbook®.


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